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Featured Story

The Beautiful Game 20 November 2018 This week’s story is about a soccer-loving chef who came to train a soccer-loving kitchen team and who was so moved by what he discovered behind the collective heartbeat at Angama Mara he had to share his story By Graeme Cuthell
It’s in the Water 10 October 2018 The storks have been busy, so they say... Meet some of the many new lives that have joined the extended Angama Mara family over the past three and a half years By Kate Fitzgerald Boyd
Hats off to Team A 12 June 2018 Angama turns 3... Tumefikisha umri wa miaka tatu – can you believe it? By Nicky Fitzgerald
Going Going and so nearly Gone 24 April 2018 On the same day each year for the past four years we have photographed our lodge from the same angle and 2018 found Tyler bushwhacking where once there was nothing but mud By Tyler Davis
Recollections from Way Back When 10 April 2018 Was it only 1000 days ago that we opened Angama Mara? Feels like yesterday and 50 years all rolled into one crazy journey. This is Prabh’s story. He was one of our patient, brave, long-suffering and oh-so-talented Nairobi furniture designers By Prabh Singh
The Elegant Eight 18 December 2017 Two Elizabeths, Seline, Cecilia, Joyce, Marian and a couple of Annes. No, not the eight ill fated wives of a modern-day Maasai King Henry VIII, but the merriest group of beaders in all Maasailand By Shannon Davis
How P came to Be 23 October 2017 Angama Mara's Regional Director couple Shannon and Tyler Davis share the story of their new bundle of joy in the form of a delightful poem inspired by Dr. Seuss By Shannon and Tyler Davis
Meet the Angama Pride 19 September 2017 Tyler Davis shares his insights and photographs of the ever-expanding Angama Pride: the challenges and successes that the pride has already experienced, and what lies ahead By Tyler Davis
A Day with No Beginning & No End 29 August 2017 The burden of keeping our guests and staff safe is a heavy one to bear but our Head of Security seems to breeze through every (endless) day, this is a typical day in the life of John Wayongo By John Wayongo
Angama of 1000 Days 15 August 2017 On 12 August 2014 the first peg was hammered into the ground and Steve Fitzgerald reminisces what it took to build Angama Mara in just over 10 months By Steve Fitzgerald
The Land of Milk and Honey 11 July 2017 From Maasai beadwork and construction projects to locally sourced milk and honey, Angama Mara’s Financial Controller Misheck Murage shares the stories behind our community of homegrown suppliers By Misheck Murage
Buttling, Scuttling & Buzzing Angama Style 6 June 2017 From early wake up calls and surprise picnics to floating seamlessly between tables and refilling wine glasses, this is a day in the life of Angama Senior Butler James Sedera By James Sedera
Cooking Up a Shamba Storm 23 May 2017 Read about Chef Amanda’s visit to Angama Mara and how she and the Angama chef team overhauled the menu, celebrated the beautiful fresh produce from the Shamba and cooked up an absolute storm By Nicky Fitzgerald
Balloons, Picnics, a 911 Rescue and a Lifer 2 May 2017 From chasing balloons and searching for leopards to rescuing wageni and traversing lesser known roads in the Mara Triangle, this is a day in the life of Angama guide Wilson Naitoi By Wilson Naitoi
Nature’s Way 25 April 2017 Tyler Davis reflects on the miraculous growth and changes at the lodge over the last year and compares photographs of the ‘there and then’ vs the ‘here and now’ By Tyler Davis
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