Amboseli Safari

Journey to the Pans

Game drives through Amboseli National Park are a feast for the eyes and lenses. Have your camera and binos at the ready as you take in the scenes around you — with the iconic dry lake bed and dusty salt pans contrasted by the bountiful wetlands, large herds of elephants in procession and the majestic presence of Mount Kilimanjaro watching over it all.

What to Expect

The name Amboseli comes from the Maa word ‘empusel’, meaning ‘salty, dusty place’ — the dried-up Pleistocene lakebed makes it the perfect setting for the iconic shots of elephants roaming across the cracked earth

The Amboseli National Park boasts remarkable wildlife among its varied landscapes — look out for lions and cheetahs in the savannah, hippos and flamingos in the wetlands and over 400 other species of birdlife along the way

Among the elephant herds of Amboseli, you may find some with tusks so large they drag along the ground as they walk — these are the last descendants of Africa’s iconic Super Tusker elephants

Amboseli National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of East Africa’s favourite safari destinations as you explore the landscapes with the glorious backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro

How to Do It

Amboseli National Park Details

All you need to know about game drives in Amboseli National Park, our safari vehicles and what you can expect from this adventure.

Safari Guides

Angama Guides are natural storytellers, interpreting their surroundings in a way that immerses our guests in the natural world. All guiding team members have a Bronze certification from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and a few of them have completed their Silver certificate. During game drives, your Guide will amaze you with their knowledge and stories. As they learn more about your interests, they will customise your safari experience to meet your hopes and expectations as best as they can.

Game Drive Times And Details

Game drives are tailored around the guest: what they’re most passionate about, where else they’ve visited, what they’ve seen and how they’d like to spend their time with us. With exclusive access to Kimana, guests can decide how long they’d like to be on a drive and what times they’d like to leave and return, the drives are structured accordingly. Amboseli is a scenic 45-minute drive away from the lodge: a half or full-day excursion is sure to be a tick off your bucket list. There’s always food and drink, so you never have to worry about going hungry on a drive.

Private Vehicles

All our vehicles seat a maximum of six guests, two per row. For families or groups, we can accommodate up to nine guests per vehicle. Should you prefer, private safari vehicles can be booked in advance for half or full days. Please request rates when making an enquiry.

Game-Viewing Vehicles

Game drives are in completely open game-viewing vehicles to which the animals are accustomed. These vehicles are customised and equipped to offer comfy seats, ample legroom and charging stations. Canvas roofs offer respite from the sun and optional flaps can be let down if it rains.

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