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Featured Story

This Week at Angama #314 16 February 2024 It's a week full of cheetahs in both the Mara and Amboseli, where trail cams also reveal some nocturnal newcomers By The Photographic Studios
The Lions of the Triangle: An Update 9 February 2024 From deadly territory conflicts to the constant shift in coalitions, the lions of the Mara Triangle are living proof that change is the only constant in the wild By Robert Sayialel
The Mara Guides’ Best Safari Sightings of 2023 29 December 2023 Having spent more time in the Mara than anywhere else and seeing more sightings than they can count, the Guides recount their most memorable of the year By The Guides of Angama
This Week at Angama #298 20 October 2023 This week sees a highly unusual scent-marking competition between the Rosetta boys and a rare sighting from the jackal family By Joseph Njenga
This Week at Angama #296 6 October 2023 With some lucky guests, Robert captures all of the Big Five and good things come in pairs this week: the Angama cubs, Bila Shaka boys and the cheetah brothers By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #295 29 September 2023 And then there was one... as we grapple with a devastating loss, others in the Mara are enjoying the mud baths and fresh grass the rains bring By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #294 22 September 2023 It's never easy for the cubs of the Mara — as two venture out on their own for the first time, others are still fighting for survival. Plus, a river crossing ends very badly By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #293 15 September 2023 In a week of firsts, the Migration changes course, an emboldened monitor lizard steals from lions and a martial eagle is caught drowning its prey By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #291 1 September 2023 The seemingly unending stream of wildebeest have taken a bit of a knock this week with five recorded kills and no one going hungry By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #290 25 August 2023 Never forget a safari's ability to surprise and delight — a hunt goes hilariously wrong and we meet two cubs for the first time in a rare sighting By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #283 7 July 2023 The unknown descendants of a legend arrive to make their mark, while the Nyati boys continue on their quest for Mara-domination By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #282 30 June 2023 From the wobbly first steps of a lapwing chick to the awkward first hunts of Risasi's cubs, many lessons were learnt this week By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #279 10 June 2023 Things are getting heated in the Mara as zebra stallions clash, cheetahs are on the run and a hippo carcass disappears By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #274 5 May 2023 What better way to appreciate the beauty of the Mara Triangle and the recent rains than from the sky? Also, lions feast in a pool of mud while butterflies enjoy some 'leftovers' By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #273 28 April 2023 The Black Rock boys play the most dangerous game (and win) as Andrew crosses over to the other side and reports back from the Greater Reserve By Andrew Andrawes
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