Walking Safari

Follow the Footprints

Led by your expert Guide and an Askari (a member of the security team), who have incredible knowledge of the terrain, flora and fauna of this little oasis, on foot is an enchanting way to experience a safari. Follow animal pathways and tracks, get close to the resident eland, zebra and giraffe and observe the smaller inhabitants like antlions and dung beetles up close. It can be an easy walk, ideal for families, or you can explore for longer if that suits your mood. It’s advisable to set out earlier, before the heat builds up, allowing you to immerse yourself in Amboseli’s distinctive ecosystem at a relaxed pace before you return to the lodge for breakfast.

What to Expect

An expert in animal behaviour and movements, your Guide will lead you through the Sanctuary’s diverse terrain as you learn about the wildlife and plant life endemic to this part of Kenya

Observe the minute intricacies of your environment — tiny imprints left by termites in the sand or the delicate designs of a spider’s web in a nearby bush

Inhale the scents on the crisp air and absorb the melodic bird calls as you walk through the Fever Tree Forest

End your walk with a lovely breakfast or picnic lunch under a Fever Tree, or drive back to the lodge for your meal

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