The Angama Mara team love planning a celebration whatever the occasion. And they do it Maasai style: with beautiful beadwork, dancing warriors, extraordinary backdrops and of course, the warmest Kenyan hospitality.

Any Reason at All

Celebrate anything you wish, from the romantic — an anniversary, a honeymoon — to a major life event or a milestone birthday

No matter the occasion, there are different and unique settings to suit: the Pavilion, the Map Room, perhaps an evening at the Boma or in the Shamba

You don’t need an occasion to just celebrate life — enjoy a special dinner prepared in the location of your choice

Celebrate With Us

There is so much to celebrate in life — so why not while you’re on safari? Transform any moment into an extraordinary one.

Details about Celebrations

Please plan well ahead to accommodate any custom beaded items. The cost of bespoke items, clothing or jewellery is available upon request

Angama Mara does not charge a fee for hosting celebrations (excluding Bar and Bat Mitzvahs), nor for the dancing performance by Maasai warriors in the boma

The services of priests, elders, additional warriors or other professionals as required are available upon request

Please enquire about the cost of hosting a Bar or Bat Mitzvah (as well as our Kosher kitchen)

Each camp at Angama Mara accommodates up to 30 guests, perfect for larger groups, with accommodation for up to 60 guests

Explore More

Guests staying at any of Angama’s camps and lodges are faced with the toughest of choices — how they wish to spend their day. Take a look at some of the daily adventures on offer:


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