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Recent Stories

Like a Fish to Wine 14 June 2024 Under the Influence wine trainer, Melissa Mwende comes to Angama Amboseli to teach the Butlers, only to find a sommelier-in-the-making in an unlikely place By Guest Author
Kwaheri and Asante to the Family Chef 7 June 2024 After nine years of keeping the Angama Mara family full, and nearly 40 thousand kilograms of flour later, we say goodbye to canteen chef Musa Jacob Ezekiel By Evans Ondara
What (Guide) Dreams Are Made Of 31 May 2024 Alice Maintaine, Head Guide at Angama Amboseli, introduces an old friend to her new team who jump headfirst into lectures and games galore By Alice Mantaine
Cooking with Love 24 May 2024 Angama Amboseli’s Head Chef, Edmund ‘Edu’, tells the story of seeing a tall white hat on the Kenyan coast and how it changed his life By Edmund Mwaita
A Letter from the Field 17 May 2024 Robert Kiprotich, who is a Guide, birder and the Angama Foundation’s champion for the Mara Raptor Project, shares an update from his friends in the Project By Robert Kiprotich
A First Safari Foray 10 May 2024 The safari experience is not easy to describe to the unacquainted but here is a first-person view from newcomers to Africa, Paul and Claudia Taskier By Guest Author

This Week at Angama

Elephants are the stars of the show this week, but the return of the Bila Shaka boys in the Mara promises plenty of drama to come

Sammy discovers the thrills of the dark in Amboseli, including lions on a kill, while Robert prefers the dawn chorus highlighted by leopard cubs and bat-eared foxes

Safaris from the sky in both Amboseli and the Mara leave us spellbound this week, and we welcome Emoroo back to the Sanctuary

It's all about the cats this week, with the promise of a lion pride in Amboseli and a new female leopard on the scene in the Mara — with two cubs stashed away

A full moon leads to big opportunities for predators, and one of the cheetah brothers makes a foreboding cross of the Mara River

Excitingly, Kimana Sanctuary is currently jam-packed with lions, and the saddle-billed stork chicks have flown the nest, meanwhile, the displaced hippos of the Mara River return home

More Stories

Picnic with the Pride 3 May 2024 A longtime friend of Angama, Simon Beck, joined us for a Monday morning picnic breakfast in the Mara which was very rudely interrupted By Guest Author
Art in the Wild 26 April 2024 Repeat Angama guest-turned-friend, Pat Davidson shares her passion for art with the Angama team By Guest Author
On Giraffe Table Manners 19 April 2024 On a work trip to Kenya, Hayley takes some time out to meet Nairobi’s long-necked residents and learn more about their home, the Giraffe Centre By Hayley Walls
A Cinderella Story 12 April 2024 The safari vehicle version of 'How It's Made' as told by a want-to-be petrol-head By Charlotte Ross Stewart
A Hub of Creativity 5 April 2024 Evelyn walks us through her new office at Angama Amboseli, and reveals the best place to be for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up By Evelyn Kamau
Welcome to the World 28 March 2024 The opening of an important new health facility in the Mara is providing a safe space for women and their children, from maternity to motherhood By Andrew Andrawes
Of Birds and Butterflies 22 March 2024 Friend of Angama and lover of the bushveld, South African Simon Rosholt is reminded of the tough decision a would-be birder once faced By Guest Author
It’s the Climb 16 March 2024 Down at the far end of the Oloololo Escarpment, Safari Camp guests can enjoy an exclusive hiking experience with Mara Triangle rangers. Charlotte puts it — and herself — to the test By Charlotte Ross Stewart
Navigating the Green City 8 March 2024 From the muddy roads of the Mara back to the bustling streets of Nairobi, Dan's life has changed but one thing remains as strong as ever — his love for nature By Daniel Njiriri
Opportunity Knocks 1 March 2024 While exploring Nairobi, Sarah finds a new hidden gem where Kenyan creativity, craftsmanship and innovation collide By Sarah Kajee
After the Dust has Settled 23 February 2024 Last November, Angama Amboseli emerged from a cloud of salty dust — this is a story from the thick of it By Alison Mitchell
Rain, Rain, Come Again 16 February 2024 Amidst November’s green grasses, Lesley Mallows reunites with friends of 50 years at Angama Mara By Guest Author
The Lions of the Triangle: An Update 9 February 2024 From deadly territory conflicts to the constant shift in coalitions, the lions of the Mara Triangle are living proof that change is the only constant in the wild By Robert Sayialel
An iSafari 2 February 2024 You don't need to be an advanced photographer or use fancy equipment, explains Andrew, often times all you need is in the palm of your hand By Andrew Andrawes
A Day in the Life of an Angama Safari Camp Host 1 February 2024 Ever wondered what it takes to run a light-footprint, movable safari camp in the middle of the wilderness? According to Ibrahim, there’s nothing else he’d rather do By Ibrahim Hussein
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