African Wildlife Photography at Angama Mara

A Photographer's dream


There is something about being in the Mara Triangle that simply forces you to grab your camera and catch that fleeting moment of beauty: be it a balloon sailing quietly by with the sunrise as a backdrop; the patterns that the clouds form on the great grasslands below Angama Mara; a monumental afternoon thunderstorm followed by an impossibly perfect rainbow; or a giraffe peering curiously down through its long eyelashes at you. The only real challenge here is to know when to put your camera down and just take in the moment, or snap it and keep it for always.

Taking great pictures as an amateur photographer in the Mara is easy and fun thanks to the open rolling grasslands and the abundance of game throughout the year. And for guests who are either expert photographers or just passionate about taking wonderful images, the lodge will provide guides who understand photographic needs: where to place the vehicle for both the best light and the best angle; how to approach the animals so they don’t scare; and of course the patience needed to  capture that one iconic photo of a male lion yawning in the early morning light.

Angama Mara also partners with some of the best professional photographic guides in the industry, please contact us for more information.

"You will remember a curve of your wagon track in the grass of the plain, like the features of a friend"