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Featured Story

This Week at Angama #313 9 February 2024 Some new discoveries are made on night drives in Amboseli and we see the return of familiar favourites, like the Inselberg males and Ruka and Rafiki, in the Mara By The Photographic Studios
An iSafari 2 February 2024 You don't need to be an advanced photographer or use fancy equipment, explains Andrew, often times all you need is in the palm of your hand By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #312 2 February 2024 Another rock python bites off more than it can chew, this time in Amboseli, and we catch up with our golden girl, the Angama lioness and her cubs By The Photographic Studios
Going Green 26 January 2024 On his most recent visit, budding photographer and regular guest, Sam Bailyn, walks away with a different appreciation for a new time of year By Guest Author
This Week at Angama #311 26 January 2024 A leopard, a warthog and some weavers all find themselves in the same tree, while a saddle-billed stork makes itself at home By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #309 12 January 2024 Some new faces appear in both Amboseli and the Mara and the Angama lioness tries to nab an easy meal By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #308 5 January 2024 In a week dominated by lions, the Bila Shaka boys return and the River Pride takes down a buffalo, while an unknown young male lion makes his debut in Kimana By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #307 22 December 2023 From breeding to building nests and even sitting, the birds have been busy lately — in both the Mara and Amboseli. By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #306 14 December 2023 The smaller creatures show off their finery in Amboseli as we possibly see the start of the new Angama Pride By The Photographic Studios
Night Rains 14 December 2023 It was a night of celebration and storytelling as photographers and guides met at The Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year 2023 awards By Alita Wilkens
This Week at Angama #304 1 December 2023 With lions chased by elephants and gazelles chased by baboons there's no saying what will happen next. Plus, we say hello to a new leopard cub By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #303 24 November 2023 Along with three new cubs in the Mara, some exciting nocturnal animals in Amboseli seem to be enjoying all the rain we have had By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #301 11 November 2023 As the clouds roll in over the Mara we're treated to cats in trees, and in Amboseli we meet the Super Tusker Craig for the first time By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #300 3 November 2023 For the very first time, we have sightings to report on from two different locations — including a hello from a Super Tusker in the making By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #299 27 October 2023 The migratory birds with their brilliant plumage are making their way to the Mara, and we witness the rarest of sightings — a pangolin By Andrew Andrawes
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