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Featured Story

This Week at Angama #268 24 March 2023 Water is the dominant theme of the week as hippos, fish and frogs fall victim to the Mara's prowling predators By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #267 17 March 2023 The Bila Shaka boys have returned setting up a potential show down and the rarest of sightings in the Mara happens three times in one week By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #266 10 March 2023 When finding food dictates most of your life, you can't afford to be picky — or weak-stomached. Plus, the Angama Pride lioness finally gives in By Robert Sayialel
It All Started With a Brownie 10 March 2023 Andrew takes us back in time to the early days of wildlife photography — and safari — through the lens of a restored film camera By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #265 3 March 2023 Storms both literal and figurative are brewing in the Mara Triangle as a serial cub-killer is on the loose By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #264 24 February 2023 There are some unusual migratory patterns at play in the Mara while the Angama Pride lioness fights for a future on the brink By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #263 17 February 2023 It's all about the brothers this week as the Nyati Six coalition continues to make its mark and cheetahs Ruka and Rafiki make a dashing kill By Andrew Andrawes
Coming Home 17 February 2023 After more than 100 entries into The Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year competition, it was high time we recognised one of the Mara's biggest supporters By Guest Author
This Week at Angama #262 10 February 2023 We witnessed a number of showdowns this week — as well as a few grisly scenes — as the taller grasses makes hunting more difficult By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #261 3 February 2023 The warm weather brings a relaxed atmosphere to the Mara — where pool parties and afternoon naps seem to be the norm By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #260 27 January 2023 Nightly rainfall lulls us to sleep, but the inhabitants of the Triangle have been kept on their toes as things lurk in the misty darkness By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #259 20 January 2023 Some devastating news this week as storylines collide — the cats of the Mara are fighting for survival By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #256 30 December 2022 As the year draws to a close, it's the end of another volume of This Week at Angama. And rather fittingly, we're witnessing a new generation take centre stage By Robert Sayialel
Hallelujah 16 December 2022 Earlier this month, The Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year 2022 was announced. It was a night to showcase the Mara photographic community's incredible talent and their ability to turn everyday scenes into masterpieces By Sue van Winsen
This Week at Angama #253 9 December 2022 Near the end of the year, the Mara's inhabitants seem to be in a similar mode to the rest of us — getting in lots of family time, eating and taking it slow By Sammy Njoroge
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