Conservation Experiences

Witness Conservation in Real Time

For those wanting to learn more about how their stay is making a difference in supporting conservation, we invite you to spend time with Angama Amboseli’s partner, the Big Life Foundation, who manages and protects the Sanctuary on behalf of its owners — the 844 Maasai family members. During your stay, you can interact with various members of Big Life’s team and witness the work they do to protect wildlife, secure habitat, prevent human-wildlife conflict and support communities.

What to Know

Big Life protects over 1,6million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem

Partners with local communities to protect and conserve nature for the benefit of all

Since its inception, Big Life has trained and provided jobs for over 340 rangers

In the last five years, no elephants or rhinos have been poached in their area of operation

First organisation with coordinated anti-poaching teams on both sides of the Kenya-Tanzania border

Big Life has confiscated over 5,000kgs of ivory from poachers since 2015

How to Do It

From the protection and monitoring of elephants — including the Super Tuskers — to anti-poaching canine units and assisting in human-wildlife conflicts, the Big Life Foundation has made a big impact since its inception in 2010. Guests can get a glimpse into the work that goes into protecting this ecosystem by joining the rangers as they patrol Kimana Sanctuary, visiting Big Life Headquarters, or sitting down with senior members of the team to learn more about the challenges they face and triumphs they make possible. (Bookable only in camp, subject to availability, and a donation fee is required.)

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