Maasai Weaving

Weaving Magic

Follow the singing and soft laughter through the Safari Shop to the Weaving Studio where you will find the Maasai Mamas crafting beautiful pieces of jewellery and homeware from locally-sourced sisal and raffia. This art form is one best shared and the Mamas would be delighted to help you start twisting, knotting and threading your own piece. Filled with music and adorned with woven creations throughout, the Studio is the perfect setting to tap into your own creativity.

What to Expect

Sit with the Mamas and watch as they weave, singing traditional songs and sharing stories

Try your hand at making your own creations or request bespoke items from an array of available designs

Browse the beautiful collection of the Mama’s handmade items and purchse a unique keepsake from Kenya

Handmade pieces from two other businessness dedicated to women’s empowerment, Hadithi Crafts and AfroDutch, are also available

Supporting Communities

Each piece purchased from the Weaving Studio has a positive impact on the Amboseli community. Traditionally, Maasai women stay at home while the men work, but these Mamas use their creativity and skill to help provide for themselves and their families. Inspired by their home and the nature around them, the Mamas create beautiful woven pieces giving them a sense of pride and independence while celebrating their culture and country.

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