The Great Rift on Foot

Discover the wonders of the Great Rift Valley on foot with our Maasai Naturalists who offer guided walks through dappled forest and sunny open areas. Along the way, you’ll learn the traditional ways of the Maasai people and gain from their deep knowledge of the world around them. Slowing down means you get to imbibe the lovely views of the Mara 300 metres below, with glimpses of anything from great herds of buffalo to a solitary elephant melting into the forest.

What to Expect

An expert in bush lore, your Maasai Naturalist will show you how his people interprets and makes use of the animals, birds, plants and the magnificent landscape through which you walk

Get to know a few of the plants on the escarpment and their various uses by the Maasai for medicinal and hygiene purposes

During your walk, your Naturalist may share stories of his childhood with you, how he grew up to become a warrior, and how he learnt about the world around you

The Naturalist is clad in beautiful Maasai warrior regalia complete with headdress and ‘empere’ (spear), ‘engudi’ (peace stick), and ‘orinka’ (talking stick)

How to Do It

With no established trail, every walk is different as our Maasai naturalist guide tailors the walk to his guests’ interests and preferences, taking full advantage of the seasons.

An Easy Bumble

One to two hour strolls

Take a short stroll in the vicinity of the lodge, along the Oloololo Escarpment. This is a plateau rich in flora and fauna and well worth exploring. It’s an easy walk, ideal for children, and can be done at any time of the day — although it’s best to go a little earlier before it gets too hot. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the Greater Mara ecosystem at a leisurely and intimate pace.

Explore More

Guests staying at any of Angama’s camps and lodges are faced with the toughest of choices — how they wish to spend their day. Take a look at some of the daily adventures on offer:


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