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Featured Story

This Week at Angama #289 18 August 2023 It was a week filled with graphic Great Migration river crossings, plus new signs of life from the Angama Pride lioness By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #288 11 August 2023 The exceptional hunters of the Mara brought out their claws (and talons) this week and none were left hungry By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #287 4 August 2023 This week, some of the herds hesitate to cross while others jump straight into awaiting jaws and Mrefu seizes an enticing but dangerous opportunity By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #286 28 July 2023 Despite the commotion of the Great Migration, delicate moments of beauty shine through and the Angama lioness finds herself with yet another suitor By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #285 21 July 2023 With herds and birds aplenty, the Great Migration is in full swing, plus Andrew manages to capture one of the Mara's most elusive animals (twice) By Andrew Andrawes
Immersed in Nature’s Palette 20 July 2023 Nearly two years on, New Zealand-based artist Simon Max Bannister finally sees his work come to life in Angama Mara's Map Room By Guest Author
Flying High (in a Basket) 7 July 2023 The daughter of a pilot, Tamsyn is no stranger to the skies, but this was no ordinary flight By Tamsyn Young
A Reunion in the Wild 29 June 2023 Five years after their first visit, a special group reunites at Angama Mara to pay tribute to the late safari photographer Klaus Tiedge By Guest Author
Slow Down, Look Around 23 June 2023 With no rushing, no sense of time or pressure to do anything, Alita finds true tranquillity at Angama Safari Camp By Alita Wilkens
Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Flight 14 June 2023 A short 40-minute flight will take you from one of Africa’s busiest cities to the heart of the wild — all thanks to one industrious woman By Charlotte Ross Stewart
This Week at Angama #279 10 June 2023 Things are getting heated in the Mara as zebra stallions clash, cheetahs are on the run and a hippo carcass disappears By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #278 2 June 2023 As the Mara’s predators have been eagerly awaiting the migration herds, the recent baby boom has everybody on the hop — especially the babies By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #277 26 May 2023 While Risasi's cubs are slowly learning to hunt, their uncles prove they have it down to a fine art and Robert meets the new leopard king who's toppling Shujaa's throne By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #276 19 May 2023 Never underestimate a mother — from the fiercely determined Risasi to a new mother impala and every matriarch in between. This week we saw the might of the females By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #275 12 May 2023 With the Bila Shaka boys' imminent arrival, the serial cub killer has his tail between his legs and the darling Egyptian Pride cubs can sleep easy By Sammy Njoroge
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