The Angama Foundation

Angama Mara is founded on the deeply embedded principle of running a profitable business in order to make meaningful and sustainable differences to the communities that neighbour the lodge, and the wildlife and land that surround it. In a nutshell, the Angama Mara team believes in Benjamin Franklin’s oft-quoted saying: ‘Doing Well by Doing Good / Doing Good by Doing Well’. This has been a philosophy successfully adhered to and implemented by the founders over the past 20 years.

With this in mind, Angama Mara requests that each of its guests contributes a nominal nightly donation to the Angama Foundation, and these micro-donations enable the Foundation to make a significant difference in the fields of education, healthcare and conservation. Set up as a separate non-profit entity, the Foundation is governed by a board of trustees who allocate funds to projects within these fields, identifying and prioritizing them together with support from the neighbouring communities, the Mara Conservancy, and NGO’s who have a track record of making an impact in the area.

The Foundation also facilitates the entry fees and exhibition sales of the Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year initiative, which showcases the beautiful photography celebrating the Mara as a year-round destination, and promotes photographers and their guides whilst raising important funds for boots-on-the-ground conservation initiatives.

Guests interested in visiting Angama Foundation projects and learning how their contribution has made a difference should advise their Camp Manager who will make the necessary arrangements.