Livestock Protection

Safeguarding community livelihoods

For the Maasai people, livestock is their wealth – but with the Maasai Mara National Reserve being unfenced, there is a high risk of goats, sheep and cattle can be lost to predators – often lion, hyena or leopard.


Poisoning and other forms of revenge killings to avoid further losses were often the desperate steps taken by the communities. It is for this reason, the Angama Foundation joined forces with the Anne K. Taylor Fund to build predator-resistant bomas in the neighbouring communities.


The predator-proof bomas feature a special metal-corner design and eight-foot of chainlink, resulting in a 99% success rate in protecting livestock when properly built and maintained.


In the rare instance that a community member loses livestock to predation, the Angama Foundation recompensates the community-member for the loss of their animals, removing the incentive for revenge killings.