Angama’s Little Clinic


One of the first undertakings by our Angama Foundation, Angama Mara’s non-profit arm, was the construction of an on-site clinic to service not only the lodge’s guests and staff, but also members of the surrounding communities.


Leading the project was Shannon Davis, who was one half of Angama Mara’s Regional Director team and a qualified paediatric nurse. Before construction began, Shannon spent time researching many aspects that needed careful consideration: What were the most common ailments? What was the current state of medical treatment in the community? And what are the costs involved? All this information played a key role in the clinic’s design and purpose.


Funded by $10 nightly donations paid by our guests, together with financial support from Angama Mara, the clinic opened its doors in 2017, staffed by a full-time medical officer, stocked with a huge range of medication and kitted out with medical equipment, some of which was generously procured by our guests, including a Doppler foetal monitor and defibrillator.


Any guest feeling unwell is visited in their tent by our medical officer, while staff and community members are treated in the clinic. In cases where medication is prescribed, there is no consultation fee for community members and all medication is priced at affordable state rates. We also provide COVID testing in the clinic for our guests travelling onward, with samples sent out daily for testing and results generally received within 24-36 hours.


The clinic is just the first of many projects undertaken by the Angama Foundation to improve healthcare in our communities. Several initiatives focus on creating access to potable water, while together with partners such as the Anne K. Taylor Fund, the clinic has run successful medical camps in neighbouring communities. During the most recent camp, nearly 800 community members underwent screening and received treatment for common medical conditions.


Our heartfelt thanks to all our guests for their most generous support of the Angama Foundation’s projects, in particular our clinic. A little goes a very long way to making a difference in Maasailand.