HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening

The Angama Foundation, together with the Land & Life Foundation have collaborated on a HPV self-collection campaign held at the Angama Clinic.

Prioritising Women’s Health In Local Communities

The Human Papillomarivus is one of the viruses that causes cervical cancer, which in turn, is the second most common cancer amongst women between the ages of 15 and 49 years. However, this can be prevented through vaccination and screening of those who are at risk. The Land & Life Foundation aims to eradicate this deadly virus in the Aitong / Angama part of the Mara within the next 10 years.

The HPV screening initiative involves several steps – firstly, the collection of samples which are then sent to Nairobi for processing, followed by a consultation process for those who test positive. During the consultation process, visiting gynaecologists from Nairobi met one-on-one with the women, and if needed, a colposcopy was done at the Angama Clinic and they were referred on for follow-up treatment.

The HPV screening initiative has been a valuable opportunity to educate local women on HPV and reproductive health, with the communities being very receptive to the information provided, as well as the reassurance that the HPV vaccination can protect women throughout their reproductive lives.

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