Scholarship Programme

In 2020 The Angama Foundation started its first round of support in secondary education through a scholarship programme. The goal is to ensure that talented children from the lodge’s neighbouring communities are able to receive the best education they can, irrespective of their family’s financial position.

Supporting High Achieving Students

The scholarship programme has started with four students (the top two boys and top two girls) from Saparingo Primary School’s most recent matriculating class, who have started Form 1 at various secondary schools around Kenya.

The scholarship covers full tuition, board, and uniform, with the students required to maintain a certain grade point average and attendance record. The scholarship will renew each year to see them through their four years of secondary education, and prepare them well for their national examinations, which will set the trajectory of their future careers.

The Angama Foundation will continue to support the top students each year from Saparingo Primary School, and plans to support more students in the surrounding schools in the near future.

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