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Many members of the broader Angama Mara family contribute to Leaving out the Dull Parts
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Kate Fitzgerald Boyd
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Mwikali Ndambo
Nicky Fitzgerald
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Stratton Hatfield
Sue van Winsen
Tyler Davis

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Musings from a Well-Worn Traveler 19 July 2016 As you approach through bumpy, rocky, mud-filled roads One cannot imagine what’s about to unfold The colors of Africa in muted tones With splashes of brightness, so finely honed As the miracle continues, you walk on light stone paths The crunch tickles your senses while guided by Maasai, and his staff There is not one... By Guest Author
We Remember When … 14 June 2016 In celebration of our first anniversary on 14 June 2016 we asked the Angama Mara family to share some of their best memories since arriving at the lodge. This is just a small sampling of the many funny and heartfelt moments but it does tell a story of the craziest lodge opening ever. And to... By Guest Author
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