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Welcome to Leaving Out The Dull Parts

29 August 2014 | Inside Angama |

In that unforgettable hair-washing scene from the movie Out of Africa, Deny Finch Hatton recites poetry to Blixen as he gently massages shampoo into her hair.

You’re skipping verses.

I leave out the dull parts.

Welcome to Angama’s blog, ‘Leaving out the Dull Parts’. We love the movie, we love our beautiful lodge and most of all we love the humour that the name of our blog implies. The Angama team, together with some remarkable contributors, has one goal for ‘ Leaving Out the Dull Parts’ – to delight our readers with some great African stories; a few about us and a whole heap more about everything else.

We will travel through East Africa discovering less-visited places and meeting the wonderful people who live there, and showcasing the latest safari trends and style, taking our readers behind the scenes wherever possible. Our naturalist contributor will pen stories on the Maasai Mara, the work that is being done to sustain this beautiful reserve, all the creatures that live there and the Maasai who call it home. And along with all of this, some lovely images and illustrations too. Thankfully, this blog is not about taking ourselves too seriously, but rather to bring a little African joy to our readers.

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AUTHOR: Nicky Fitzgerald

After more than 30 years in hospitality, starting with a small hotel at the foot of Africa and followed by a further couple of Cape hotels, most notably The Bay, and sixty plus safari lodges across Africa and India, Nicky has served more meals, puffed more cushions, filled more beds, trained more staff and opened more properties than she cares to remember. Her driving force is ‘will our guests love this?’ She has come full circle and is happily puffing, cooking, training and filling to her heart’s content high up on the edge of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley at Angama Mara.

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March 3, 2020


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