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10 October 2018 | Inside Angama |

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The storks have been busy, so they say... Meet some of the many new lives that have joined the extended Angama Mara family over the past three and a half years

There is the age old saying that “Happy staff, make happy guests”. This could not be more true about the Angama team, however, like with everything else, we have taken it one further, and have changed the saying to: “Happy staff, make happy babies”. We don’t know what it is, but in the last three and half years we have welcomed more totos (babies) to the Angama family than we have guests. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it sometimes it feels that way. I have a sneaky suspicion that’s because we are all happy doing what we do – delighting guests.

Joburg-Baby boys

Take for example the Johannesburg office team of eight – from four working mums (and a dad that belongs to a mum) we have five little ones under the age of two. This includes Angama’s first pair of mapachas (twins) Jude and Holly Mitchell.

Moving up the continent to our team of nine in our Nairobi office, Anne started the ball rolling by welcoming Neema two years ago, and since then four more boys have joined the gang. Anne’s son, who is set to arrive in January, takes the number up to five.


Then we get to the lodge where from the mums alone we have welcomed another four babies, with Shannon’s second little one set to arrive today! We cannot wait to welcome Perrin’s little brother or sister – the bets are on as to what it will be. I do hate to say, but these numbers don’t even include the number of babies born to dads working at the lodge.

Lodge babies

All I know is that over the years there have been many congratulations and celebrations as more beautiful babies have been born into this warm, wonderful, crazy family. Butler Sedera is the proud father of his ninth child and recently head chef Collins, welcomed his first precious baby girl, Imani, into the brood.

More Lodge-babies

The Angama mums joke that if you want to have a baby, and a happy one at that, work at Angama and drink the water because, as legend goes, the chances are that the White Storks from Europe that fly over the Mara will spot you …

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AUTHOR: Kate Fitzgerald Boyd

Kate was born in a chafing dish – well almost. The date she was due to arrive was perilously close to Christmas and her mother wasn’t taking any chances so out she came just in time for a decent Christmas dinner to be served to the guests at the hotel of her childhood. Back-of-house babies, they call them. And she has never looked back and now logs more air miles than she knows what to do with sharing the Angama Mara story far and wide.

Glenn Oltmanns
October 10, 2018

What a fabulous story! Wonderful to see all these tiny tots 0- and what a life they will have growing up under the Agama umbrella. Uplifting – so lovely.

October 10, 2018

So lovely to meet all the Angama totos, what lucky little ones they are to be born into the extended Angama family. Please keep us updated on Shannon and Tyler’s latest arrival!

David Jackson
October 10, 2018

As I said, this is why you are number 2!!!

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