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Jeffrey Thige

Hailing from Nairobi, Jeff’s younger years were spent watching Big Cat Diaries with his mother. Images of wild animals roaming across the savanna inspired Jeff to travel the country, study wildlife management and move into photography. Jeff aims to use his camera to become an ambassador for conservation. He joined Angama Mara as an intern in 2018 and is now employed full time as assistant photographer at the lodge’s Photographic Studio.
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Latest Story

This Week At Angama #102 17 January 2020 Jeffrey Thige writes about how the rains are back in the Mara and one of the best things about this is that the wet savanna brings wildlife closer to the road making, for some exciting sightings By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #101 10 January 2020 It’s been another busy week in the Mara – morning, noon and dusk, no matter the time of day, there is always a beautiful scene to capture By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #99 27 December 2019 Seasons Greetings and a very Merry Christmas from the Angama photographic studio. Another week of exciting and captivating scenes in the beautiful Mara. By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #98 20 December 2019 No lions? No problem. What we may have missed this week in terms of lion sightings, was more than made up for with three rare and elusive cats making an appearance By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #97 13 December 2019 It’s always exciting when the elusive leopard makes an appearance, but that was just the start of a week filled with satisfied predators with plenty to eat By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #96 6 December 2019 From tumbling elephants, to waving plovers, even when the rains fall there is still plenty to see and enjoy in the Mara By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #91 1 November 2019 This was a week that could have been all about the Big Five, but unfortunately, the leopard kept true to its character, and eluded us all again. Nonetheless, the Mara presented some amazing sightings of the Big Four By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #90 25 October 2019 The great wildebeest herds have made their way to Serengeti. As we bid them farewell, we welcome the elephant herds in their hundreds By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #89 18 October 2019 Once again, the wildebeest herds are back, and it almost looks like they are here to stay.  Following the rain that has fallen on the Mara savannah over the past few weeks, they are in no hurry to head back to the Serengeti. This week, there is nothing but good news in the Mara. By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #85 20 September 2019 This week has been dominated by the Mara’s golden morning light. It can be so rewarding to wake up early and head into the park before the sun makes its appearance By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #82 30 August 2019 It’s impossible to imagine a more inspiring training ground than the Mara Triangle. This week, Jeff took two guides out into the field to learn some practical photography skills as part of a new programme to take the guest safari experience to a new level By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #69 31 May 2019 Landscapes, mammals, birds and reptiles. This week, the Mara has seen it all By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #68 24 May 2019 From captivating landscapes and silhouettes, to a discovery of a new pride of nomadic lions, it has been another amazing week in the Mara Triangle By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #63 19 April 2019 This has been a week of beautiful morning light, making for dramatic and colourful sunrises. We have also seen the return of a queen – Kakenya, the cheetah By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #54 15 February 2019 Getting up early for a glorious Mara morning safari saw Jeffrey Thige rewarded with a few first-time sightings By Jeffrey Thige
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