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Ali is a key member of the Angama Mara team. If you ask her what she does she might take a minute to answer but it would probably be something along these lines: ‘on Mondays I market, on Tuesdays I work on the website, on Wednesdays I project manage, on Thursdays I place orders and on Fridays I plan for the safari shop at the lodge’. And on Saturdays and Sundays she writes blog posts.
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Latest Story

A Camp Quite Like No Other 21 April 2020 The design team that made Angama Mara a standout in look and feel is back in action with our latest addition to the family, Angama Safari Camp By Alison Mitchell
From Hive To Table – The Great Honey Harvest 18 June 2019 With tales of sleepy bees and buckets of honey, Alison Mitchell decided to join the Shamba keepers on a nocturnal harvesting mission By Alison Mitchell
The Mathematician in the Laundry Room 14 May 2019 With so many variables and speedy turnarounds, ensuring the laundry runs smoothly requires meticulous multi-tasking and a mathematical mind. This is a day in the life of Japhet Koech By Alison Mitchell
The Angama Love Cake 13 August 2018 Saffron, cardamom and rose-scented cream all come together to create this most delicious of cakes By Alison Mitchell
Shall we Shamba? 6 February 2018 Butterflies, Chenin Blanc, birdsong and garden-to-tummy salads - Alison Mitchell shares Angama Mara's newest guest experience By Alison Mitchell
If Toys Could Talk 4 July 2017 Beautiful products, lovingly knitted by a woman’s group and made in Kenya, this is the story of Kenana Knitters and their gorgeous soft toys sold at Angama Safari Shop By Alison Mitchell
Paradise Found 4 October 2016 From sunrise in the Mara to a tropical sunset, Alison Mitchell writes about her 'babymoon' to the Seychelles, where she found peace and paradise on the islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue By Alison Mitchell
Queen of the Norfolk 23 March 2016 This naturally is a tale about a cat. A cat named Regina who lives the most regal of lives in all of Nairobi, perhaps in all of East Africa. Queen Regina chose the Fairmont Norfolk as her home and there was no arguing with that! By Alison Mitchell
Nicky’s Safari Essentials 24 February 2016 There are tons of stories out there about "what to pack on safari" and they're all just about as drab and dull as the next. One person who has quite clearly nailed it and looks fresh and stylish every time is Nicky Fitzgerald By Alison Mitchell
Giraffe Kisses, Slurping Ellies & the Finest Curry in Town 29 December 2015 From kissing giraffes and baby ellies to retail therapy and delicious curry, Alison Mitchell spends an action packed weekend in Nairobi and tells us about some of her highlights By Alison Mitchell
Shopping Heaven for the ‘Untouchables’ 7 September 2015 Nakumatt. Is there another store anywhere in the world quite like this? Whenever a need arose during the set up of Angama Mara, there was hardly a moment’s hesitation before Nakumatt came to mind. Yes, surely Nakumatt would have it – it being just about anything we needed for the lodge. Nakumatt is impossible to... By Alison Mitchell
As They Say, Dynamite Comes in Small Packages 28 April 2015 Every lovely safari lodge needs a lovely lodge manager and we are delighted to introduce you to Duncan Kiroro, who will be leading the Angama Mara team. Duncan’s hospitality story started when he was just a boy in high school near Thomson’s Falls in Central Kenya. The keynote speaker at the school’s annual dinner dance... By Alison Mitchell
“Mr Campbell, I presume?” A Story About an Airport 3 March 2015 No doubt very few khaki-clad safari goers give much thought to the charming Wilson Airport, Alison Mitchell shares it's sweet story and the love affair from which it blossomed By Alison Mitchell
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