This Week At Angama #23

13 July 2018 | This Week at Angama |

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The Angama Photographic Studio’s intern takes the hot seat and delivers a wonderful inaugural week of imagery

We set up this blog to showcase what an average week in the Mara looks like through the lens. Our Studio offers guests and guides the opportunity to enhance their photography skills and a quiet, well-equipped space where they can experiment with their images. The newest addition to the Photographic Studio team is our Kenyan intern, Jeffrey Thige, who arrived with passion, enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. We knew it wouldn’t be long until he featured in This Week At Angama. [All photographs by Jeffrey Thige]

Tawny Eagle 2
Capturing a bird on the wing is never easy – it all happens so fast. On this occasion I managed to capture Tawny Eagle taking flight. [f 5.6, 1/640, ISO 100]

Trunk Tusk n Calf

Elephants provide me with ideal creative subject matter – I do this through different angles, perspectives and unusual cropping. [f 5.6, 1/400, ISO 100]

Elephant Herd Back

There is just something special about the Maasai Mara; vast open spaces, huge vistas, blue skies, cotton-wool clouds and magnificent animals. [f 5.6, 1/800, ISO 100]

Leopard Stealth
“The Queen of Kaboso”, one of the most famous leopards in the Greater Maasai Mara. She moved with grace and stealth as she hunted, but on this occasion she was seen before she could pounce. [f 5.6, 1/640, ISO 100]

Lions Mating

Love is in the air as a strong young lion mates at dawn. A closer look at him revealed that he and his brother might have been in a scuffle the previous night, almost certainly about the female in estrous. [f .5.6 1/160, ISO 200]

Lion Poze

After mating with the young lioness, the lion scanned his surroundings to ensure his brother wasn’t lurking somewhere nearby, this gave me a stunning opportunity to capture this shot. [f .5.6 1/125, ISO 200]

Lion Wink

Quick reflexes were needed to capture this lion winking directly at my camera. [f .5.6 1/125, ISO 200]

Yellow-Billed Oxpecker

A yellow billed oxpecker catches a free ride. [f 5.6, 1/160, ISO 100]

Oxpecker on buffalo horns

An oxpecker on the lookout for ticks examines the head of a buffalo. [f 5.6, 1/125, ISO 100]

Giraffe 2

Peaceful, serene and ever so photogenic. [f 5.6, 1/250, ISO 100]

Giraffe body

Feel free to be creative in expressing your work and dare to be different. Photography is a beautiful form of art. [f 5.0, 1/400, ISO 100]

Buffalo calf

A buffalo calf finishes suckling and quietly moves away, but never straying too far from mum. [f 5.6, 1/125, ISO 100]

Bulbuls are confident little birds, this  bulbul landed right in front of my lens and gave me a couple of poses. [f 5.6, 1/250, ISO 100]

common bulbul

common bulbul 2

In the heat of the afternoon, bulbuls around camp like to take a dip in the swimming pool – it’s also the perfect spot for the bulbuls to congregate and quench their thirst. [f 5.6, 1/320, ISO 100]

AUTHOR: Jeffrey Thige

Hailing from Nairobi, Jeff’s younger years were spent watching Big Cat Diaries with his mother. Images of wild animals roaming across the savanna inspired Jeff to travel the country, study wildlife management and move into photography. Jeff aims to use his camera to become an ambassador for conservation. He joined Angama Mara as an intern in 2018 and is now employed full time as assistant photographer at the lodge’s Photographic Studio.

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