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Featured Story

This Week At Angama #128 17 July 2020 It has been surreal, over these last four months, to be the only car in the Mara Triangle. A real privilege and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, part of what makes the Mara such a special place is that it is a natural system and a stage on which animals get to perform. Unknowingly, these animals... By Adam Bannister
Twice As Nice 24 March 2020 As parents to children aged between the ages of two and six, could there by any sweeter luxury than knowing they are being taken care of back at home while you set off on a day-long safari exploring the Maasai Mara? With nothing but distant memories of nap times and nagging, we could not have... By Lauren Levi
This Week At Angama #105 7 February 2020 The unseasonal rains have continued, with some of the wettest days of the last 12 months.  The good news is that there are dry days ahead, with hardly a trace of rain in the impending forecast. While the unusual and noteworthy wet weather has certainly proved a challenge, it doesn’t mean we aren’t still having... By Tyler Davis
This Week At Angama #104 31 January 2020 I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that this weekly blog series is in its 3rd year – the most wonderful of visual diaries and a fun way for us, living here at Angama Mara, to share our daily lives with you wherever in the world that may be. From majestic lions through to delicate flowers, we take great pride in showcasing the... By Adam Bannister
A Year Of Cats, Clashes And Unlikely Coalitions 31 December 2019 Geoffrey Njoroge You may have heard about the famous spotted zebra foal discovered in the Mara in September this year. Upon hearing about this unique zebra, my biggest desire was to go and try find it. Luckily, I was with some guests on the other side of the Mara and heard a call come in... By The Guides of Angama
This Week At Angama #99 27 December 2019 This week’s biggest highlight was definitely this tug-of-war between a lioness and a crocodile. The lioness ambushed this zebra after it had successfully crossed the Mara river and escaped the crocs. The crocodiles then tried to take the zebra back but the lion stood her ground and defended the kill. This went on for hours... By Jeffrey Thige