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Featured Story

This Week at Angama #327 17 May 2024 Excitingly, Kimana Sanctuary is currently jam-packed with lions, and the saddle-billed stork chicks have flown the nest, meanwhile, the displaced hippos of the Mara River return home By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #319 22 March 2024 Risasi's lone surviving cub makes a reappearance while a baboon is snatched from the water's edge, and we meet the mighty Barsaloi making the best of a bad situation By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #317 8 March 2024 A leopard cub doesn't stick the landing and a lion's meal is out of reach, while Chemosit and Emoroo — legends in the making — pay us a visit By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #314 16 February 2024 It's a week full of cheetahs in both the Mara and Amboseli, where trail cams also reveal some nocturnal newcomers By The Photographic Studios
An iSafari 2 February 2024 You don't need to be an advanced photographer or use fancy equipment, explains Andrew, often times all you need is in the palm of your hand By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #310 19 January 2024 One-tusked Ganesh makes his introduction in Amboseli while in the Mara, an impala is swallowed practically whole By The Photographic Studios
This Week at Angama #305 9 December 2023 Getting to know the bulls in Amboseli and making new discoveries at night; plus an update on the Angama lioness By The Photographic Studios
It’s a Goal 10 November 2023 A photo of his father's garden and a pair of soccer boots led Joseph on his photographic journey — and brought him to the Mara By Joseph Njenga
This Week at Angama #296 6 October 2023 With some lucky guests, Robert captures all of the Big Five and good things come in pairs this week: the Angama cubs, Bila Shaka boys and the cheetah brothers By Robert Sayialel
Hiding Out 15 September 2023 Andrew travels to Shompole Conservancy where he comes eye-to-eye with its wildlife, stashed away in a photo hide for the first time By Andrew Andrawes
This Week at Angama #292 8 September 2023 After the rains, the Mara is a flurry of activity with cats on the hunt and elephants aplenty By Andrew Andrawes
Before and After 10 June 2023 Dhir Jakharia, a young Nairobi-based photographer, visits the Photographic Studio and shares some tips on how to edit eye-catching photos By Guest Author
This Week at Angama #278 2 June 2023 As the Mara’s predators have been eagerly awaiting the migration herds, the recent baby boom has everybody on the hop — especially the babies By Robert Sayialel
This Week at Angama #272 21 April 2023 The bullet is back and already barrelling after prey, the Nyati Six (now Five) get their mugshots taken and we meet two of the newest additions to the Triangle By Robert Sayialel
It All Started With a Brownie 10 March 2023 Andrew takes us back in time to the early days of wildlife photography — and safari — through the lens of a restored film camera By Andrew Andrawes
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