Steve’s Last Drive

26 February 2019 | Inside Angama |

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Last month, Douggy Onsongo kept a promise and took the guiding team on a path less travelled

As a guide, while on safari I get to teach and tell stories, but I am also taught and told stories from people I meet from around the world. Some of these are safari pioneers and others are veterans. Talking of safari veterans, this is where my friend and employer, the late Steve Fitzgerald falls.

SteveNickyImage courtesy of  Anna Leidenkrantz

I had been on many drives with him, but his very last drive in his favourite animal kingdom, the Maasai Mara, left lasting memories from this legend of conservation.

There is something about time and again safari lovers, they enjoy exclusivity, quiet and secret avenues in the Mara, and Steve was no exception. Paths less travelled, with or without big game, excited him the most.

On his last drive, I took Steve and his family on a lesser known circuit; my favourite haven where I take people who want to see less traffic and more adventure.

Dougie Map

He loved it and asked if I could take the rest of the guiding team from Angama on the same circuit. A month ago, more than a year after Steve left us, I embarked on fulfilling my promise to him. Our resident photographer Adam Bannister, a team of six guides and I left camp at the break of dawn and started to trace this adventure I took a year plus ago.

From the pictures and video clip we took, I’m sure you will also love this journey.

Robert headshot

Guide driving in Mara







Guides under tree 2Images courtesy of Adam Bannister

AUTHOR: Douggy Onsongo

As a former Angama guide, Douggy knew all the best spots for a picnic and his skills behind a camera were only second to those in front of one. He, and his golden boot, will be sorely missed by the Angama Football Club.

Francis C. Bagbey
February 26, 2019

Very touching story. What a good connection these guides had with Mr. Fitzgerald.

Annette Magni
February 26, 2019

Such a wonderful tribute to Steve……….you must miss him so much Douggie!

James Fitzgerald
February 27, 2019

Very moving – thank you!

Jane Hodges
February 27, 2019

Beloved friends both – Nicky and Steve and such joy to have shared glorious Africa with them

charlotte smith
March 3, 2020

What a lovely tribute to Steve from your special team

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