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Featured Story

Keep Calm and Come When It’s Green (& Gorgeous) 22 November 2021 Nicky Fitzgerald shares her safari-savvy thoughts on the often-tremulous question, ‘Is it ok to travel to the Mara in the rainy season?’ By Nicky Fitzgerald
The Gift of Time 28 March 2021 Spending Valentine's Day on a full-day safari, Anna and her partner take time to slow down and explore together By Anna Leidenkrantz
This Week At Angama #37 19 October 2018 The Mara has been especially generous this week with wonderful light, two new comers to this update, and the Great Migration that is still very much in our neck of the woods By Jeffrey Thige
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) 17 September 2018 My name is Jeffrey Thige and I want to be a professional wildlife photographer By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #31 7 September 2018 This week we play around with the composition – avoiding the rules and seeking more creativity By Jeffrey Thige
Meet the Angama Pride 19 September 2017 Tyler Davis shares his insights and photographs of the ever-expanding Angama Pride: the challenges and successes that the pride has already experienced, and what lies ahead By Tyler Davis
The Odd Couple 29 November 2016 Journeying into Laikipia Kate came across the most unlikely pair... read the story of Aaragi and Ekwa, a female cheetah and her pet Samburu dog By Kate Fitzgerald Boyd
Saturday Night Live 18 October 2016 Tyler Davis was lucky enough to join the safariLIVE crew on their last day of filming in the Maasai Mara and tells us about a particularly adrenaline filled Saturday Night of live filming By Tyler Davis
The Closest Shave 18 November 2014 Duncan Butchart gives an exciting account of a lion hunt, an extremely close shave and what must surely be the luckiest little warthog in all the Mara By Duncan Butchart
Spot the Cats 18 September 2014 Duncan Butchart ponders about what animals people really want to see when on an African safari and decides that the ultimate prize is in fact spots on the coat of a leopard or cheetah By Duncan Butchart
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