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Redefining Growth

As Shannon’s time at Angama draws to a close, she reflects on her time and her personal journey – finding meaning in resolve, and fulfilment in effort
Shannon sits proud inside the new guest area at Angama Safari Camp

Sometimes you can only see how far you’ve come once you’ve left– or in my case, are set to leave. As my days working at the lodge with this hard-working crew wind down, I find myself in reflecting on where we all started together. I came to Kenya with no expectations, no benchmarks, no demands and really, let’s be honest, no clue what I was getting into. A new career, a new continent, a new culture and a new lodge lied ahead. The path ahead rife with opportunity. I would either sink or swim.

Shannon getting involved in the kitchen
Immersing in Maasai culture and incredible work by the Angama Foundation

In the thick of it, I was just treading water as hard as I could to keep my nose above the water line. As my muscles conditioned, treading became swimming, and movement became progress. I distinctly remember one of my first trips home to see my family and being asked about my job. I responded that it felt like I did a crash course MBA in 6 months. From hiring to firing, management and finance, operations and logistics, service and training, community relations and social and environmental impact, to design and structure, all of it was crammed and packed into my brain so fast, the phrase ‘on the job training’ seemed entirely inadequate.

Keeping focused with finances, logistics and operations during morning meeting

While I still continue to learn new skills, find efficiencies, and improve on past performance, my goal of trying to master this industry was accomplished by showing up, day-in and day-out, and putting in the effort. I look at the 120+ staff within the lodge and can see that we all have developed skills, learned new tricks, and added new outputs to our resumes. I wouldn’t, however, define that as growth. To really grow at Angama took more than showing up and effort. It took courage, determination, and, maybe most importantly, a mindset that focuses on the how and the why, not the what.

Shannon and Nicky never ones to take themselves too seriously
Fun and games in the rain at boma

People tend to correlate position and title with growth their careers. Many make jumps from company to company to find growth opportunities. In my opinion, your title doesn’t peg your position. I look at where I started with Angama and with each year that has passed, the opportunities to rise to new challenges and the lessons learned from failures along the way. Same position. Same title. But the person from six years ago is a mere shadow of the person I am today.

Shannon leading the Angama Team

In year one, I was fulfilled with a 5-star review knowing that the hours of training and re-training paid off. In year 5, I was filled with an overwhleming sense of accomplishment after getting Angama Safari Camp off the ground, having never launched a mobile camp before. It was a chance to prove all I had learned. And looking back, my definition of accomplishment has grown as well. In the beginning I needed to know that I was good enough. That I could do the job assigned. Now, I feel fulfilled if I know the process was shared, the effort was a combined, and the strive for excellence continued with or without me.

Supporting the Mara Elephant Project
Shannon's competitive spirit made very obvious during games

As I look to pass the torch, I am eager to see the growth that lies ahead for Angama, the great opportunities that will allow the team to shine with the right mindset and a handful of grit. Change is a catalyst for growth and if anything, I know that Angama will continue to push forward, create, and develop, allowing people like me to reach a potential they didn’t know they could achieve.

What a fun ride it has been.

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About: Shannon Davis

Shannon was one half of the Regional Director team that started the lodge (Tyler was the other). Shan has not, as far as is known, acquired a taste for chai, mbuzi or ugali but probably misses it in America nevertheless. Her addiction for Kenyan coffee still has no bounds.

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Seleyian Partoip

30 March 2021

Shannon is one Kind hearted person, I may not have met her in Person but the name is dear to Murua Girl Child Education Program, when we reached out to Angama Foundation to support our 1st ever Annual Mara Teens Festival. She came through and her believing in our work enough to have the foundation invest in it gives us the motivation to keep going. I wish her all the best in her next chapter. Asante Shannon, Asante Angama Foundation.

    Ryan Brown

    13 April 2021

    Dear Seleyian, thank you for your note. We wish you and the Murua Girl Child Education Program all the best; please let us know if we can help again in the future. Regards, RB

William Ouma

30 March 2021

The place to be. Enjoy the rest of your career.

Judy Williams

30 March 2021

Congratulations, Shannon, on a job very well done. You’ve set the bar high! May you fly high in whatever endeavor life brings your way.

    Francis Bagbey

    30 March 2021

    So what happens to Tyler? Maybe I missed where he is going, too. Regards.

      Ryan Brown

      13 April 2021

      Hi Frances, Tyler is going with Shannon...they are married! - RB

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