Musings from a Well-Worn Traveler

19 July 2016 | Inside Angama |

As you approach through bumpy, rocky, mud-filled roads
One cannot imagine what’s about to unfold

The colors of Africa in muted tones
With splashes of brightness, so finely honed

As the miracle continues, you walk on light stone paths
The crunch tickles your senses while guided by Maasai, and his staff

There is not one missing element of luxurious inclusion
While the richness of nature is apparent in delicate fusion

I know we are in East Africa with The Triangle at our doorstep
But the owners’ South African roots, in furnishings and flair are fully kept

Whether in front or hidden the team of butlers, security, housekeeping, team and its chef
Create a Kenyan welcome and passion one will never forget

As a well-worn traveler, I’ve refined my needs to the number three
Angama does not miss hot water, clean sheets and delectable coffee

Early mornings come without the slightest burden
A light knock on the door and hot beverage to encourage

The land cruiser is your friend and your keeper, it’s driver
Spotting lions, giraffes and wildebeest crossing the river

He has knowledge of varied bird, beast and fauna
The depth of which we must all breathe deeply and be in awe of

Traversing terrain with new people and your learned guide
We get to create parallel memories which we shall take home with pride

Chirps fill the air all day long from the terrace
Groans, howls and yelps fill the night air with menace

Repast is wide-ranging catering to every individual taste
Every night Chef creates ten mains and starters to fill our plates

Do not miss one of the silver metal red ribbon wrapped chests
Filled with loads of little treasures each packed with love and upon request

I am forever grateful for this experience made effortless in an otherwise forbidding place
Going to sleep at night, I am in awe of nature’s abundance, fury and even grace

May Angama become a place where luxury and nature continue to gather
We are enriched and should give back to the land and the Maasai all us travelers

Note from the Editor: The author who penned this lovely poem was our guest during June and asked if we could simply refer to her as ‘Susan’. Her warmth and positive energy filled our lodge for three short days and we can’t wait to welcome her back soon. 

Gaie Fergusson
July 19, 2016

Perfect – I cannot wait to return

    July 19, 2016

    And we can’t wait to welcome you back

July 19, 2016

That poem was my very own experience put into your beautiful words, Susan!

    July 19, 2016

    Thank you Yvonne – what a lovely comment

Kristina Trowbridge
July 20, 2016

Perfect! I cannot think of a better way to express my own stay last June. Brilliant.

Onyango Joseph (NEMA)
September 12, 2016

The reception, jovial hospitality and treatment you’ll be accorded at Angama is comparable to none worldwide. I deeply love it and You Pals will always and forever be in my heart

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