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Featured Story

This Week at Angama #159 19 February 2021 Laura Goldsworthy observes that despite the changing weather patterns currently playing out across the globe, the Mara reminds us that as much as things change, they sometimes stay the same By Laura Goldsworthy
This Week At Angama #156 29 January 2021 Week in and week out we aim, through this blog, to showcase the diversity of life found within the Maasai Mara ecosystem. Be it big or small, gripping or touching, it is our intention to share it all… By Adam Bannister
This Week At Angama #37 19 October 2018 The Mara has been especially generous this week with wonderful light, two new comers to this update, and the Great Migration that is still very much in our neck of the woods By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #31 7 September 2018 This week we play around with the composition – avoiding the rules and seeking more creativity By Jeffrey Thige
This Week At Angama #20 22 June 2018 We celebrate this 20th week of This Week At Angama with a fine blend of Mara flora, fauna and landscapes By Tyler Davis
This Week At Angama #18 7 June 2018 A new lens makes an appearance in yet another compelling week in the Maasai Mara By Adam Bannister
This Week At Angama #15 18 May 2018 After a month away from the Mara, Adam is bursting to get back behind the camera By Adam Bannister
This Week At Angama #12 27 April 2018 This week gets a twist as we shift our focus away from the more technical side of photography, and enjoy the simplicity of the ubiquitous camera phone By Tyler Davis
Going Going and so nearly Gone 24 April 2018 On the same day each year for the past four years we have photographed our lodge from the same angle and 2018 found Tyler bushwhacking where once there was nothing but mud By Tyler Davis
This Week At Angama #11 20 April 2018 A journey of giraffes makes for an interesting encounter this week, while continuing dramatic weather offers exceptional afternoon landscapes. Plus a very special celebration By Tyler Davis
Going, Going, Green 2 February 2016 Seven months ago, when our staff first moved into their new village, they were greeted by a barren, muddy wasteland that quickly turned to dust once the endless rains finally ceased. They weren’t alone – the fact is that, after roughly ten months of construction and 450+ builders on site, followed by six straight weeks... By Tyler Davis
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