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The Grand Nopi Challenge

Nicky Fitzgerald shares the story of how she challenged the Angama Mara chefs to somewhat of a cook off having bought them the latest book from the chef who most inspired our menu

It all started on a glorious London Friday in September – one of those days when you simply can’t believe anyone from England when they grizzle about the weather. Steve and I booked lunch at NOPI, Yotam Ottolenghi’s gorgeous restaurant in Soho (don’t skip going to the loo – it’s a mind blow). There is good reason I return time and again to Ottolenghi’s restaurants – his food is gobsmackingly delicious and his books have inspired the kitchen team at Angama Mara to cook their socks off (or so our guests tell us).

Chef Corri stands proud after preparing his chosen dish

We love his food because it’s generous, explodes with flavour, delightful to look at and pretty easy to make once you have sourced the four million ingredients that go into each dish and chopped, sliced and diced up the gazoo. Imagine my joy when I saw his new book Nopi displayed at the checkout desk. I bought a copy without thinking twice let alone looking inside to see if it was in our league … it wasn’t. In the intro Yotam boldly states that this is a restaurant cookbook and certainly not for the likes of us.

We ate and ate some more. I snapped pictures, and as I sent them back home via our chefs’ WhatsApp group, Angama Food Fundis, I could hear howls of delight all the way from the Mara back to London: ‘Bring us Chef O’s new book’ they pleaded. Yes, we call him Chef O out there in the Rift Valley.

The chefs cooked and cooked and cooked, while we ate and ate and ate

So my brand new spotless white cookery book with gold leaf on the leading edge of the pages was duly handed over. Right, I thought, you want it now you cook from it, difficult recipes and all. I challenged each chef to pick a recipe, any recipe, and just cook it. They weren’t to worry about weird ingredients like manouri cheese, muscovado sugar, Thai shallots and dried anchovies (what are those anyway?). They had to make a plan and use their common sense and come up with an alternative. Please remember our chefs have never cooked outside of Kenya, had previously never heard of Chef O and had never seen a cookery book printed post 1960. And up until this point I had chosen every single dish we serve to our guests. The only guideline was ‘could this dish work in one of our existing menus?’

Chef James, Chef Irene and Chef Kina proud of their Ottolenghi creations

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather – the dishes that rolled out over the next five days were out of this world. Thoughtfully chosen, lovingly prepared, perfectly presented and oh so good to eat. Man, but that team makes me proud. No small surprise that after only 4 (chaotic) months we were awarded 1st place in Kenya for Best Safari Cuisine.

The delicious result of a fantastic Ottolenghi challenge

And this is what they cooked:

  • Chef Evans kicked off with Grilled Tilapia with a Mango and Papaya Salad (as Chef O says ‘the salad steals the show’)
  • Corridon followed with a robust Roasted Butternut & Ginger Tomatoes with Lime Yoghurt (perfect for our Forest BBQ)
  • Catana (he of the sublime palate) pushed the boundaries with Prawns with Fennel, Tarragon and Feta (yes, we do get fresh tarragon out here in the middle-of-nowhere)
  • Lovely Kina, our baker, whizzed up Butterbean Mash with Rosemary and Garlic (perfect on bruschetta for evening bitings)
  • Hadsen read my mind and made Paprika Oven Chips (as good as Chef O’s)
  • James dived straight into Halloumi and Courgette Fritters with Lime and Cardamom Soured Cream (more biting heaven)
  • Serene Irene tossed together an Italian Spinach, Red Onion and Quinoa Salad
  • Shan, not to be left out or outdone (crikey she is competitive) made Lamb Meatballs with Yoghurt Sauce and Spinach (so good)
  • Head Chef Collins surprised us all with a Sharp and Spicy Watermelon Soup – off the charts delicious
  • And 5 seconds before the final bell the irrepressible Elias and I whipped up Chicken Pastilla which Tyler declared ‘the best dish he had ever eaten in his whole life’ … just saying. And it will be on our Christmas menu.
Head Chef Collins, Chef Elias and Butler Wiki ready to serve

Needless to say my beautiful book was trashed, so much so that I asked each chef to sign his or her page. And the challenge continues. Chef O, you had better watch out or better still please come and stay.

Angama chefs signing the page of their chosen recipe

Note from the Editor:

We usually acknowledge our guest authors and I suppose in all fairness Yotam Ottolenghi and his co-author of Nopi, Ramael Scully, are due thanks here for inspiring our team of chefs at Angama Mara. We love their philosophy of ‘Simply put, we are very serious about making people happy through our food’. We couldn’t agree more.

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About: Nicky Fitzgerald

After more than 30 years in hospitality, starting with a small hotel at the foot of Africa and followed by a further couple of Cape hotels, most notably The Bay, and sixty plus safari lodges across Africa and India, Nicky has served more meals, puffed more cushions, filled more beds, trained more staff and opened more properties than she cares to remember. Nicky retired as Angama's CEO in July of 2022 and remains an advisor and delightfully opinionated member of the Board.

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pepper schwartz

29 January 2022

Just a hello to Nicky- it was so good to read her column on the chef and the imaginative cuisine everyone put out. All is well with me- I am still a " star" on the American version of Married at First Sight ( fifteenth season- I gather you have one too) and will be writing for Seattle magazine starting February- would love to hear from her- have kept meaning to get there but the Greissels are steering us to Midori- so what can I say? Sometime... it all looks so wonderful.. xxxPepper

    Charlotte Ross Stewart

    31 January 2022

    Hello Pepper, please see the following message from Nicky: Hi dear Pepper What a delight hearing from you. The years evaporate but so thoughtful of you to have sent this lovely message. I am still running my company - and even though definitely my last it’s the best I have ever been a part of. Our lovely Angama Mara is flying and we break ground on our second one in a couple of months. I am a-bursting-with-pride grandmother All is good in this rollercoaster world. I’m sure the Griessels know best for your next safari but if you should ever come to Angama the team will be waiting with arms open wide to welcome you. Sending much love Xxx


24 November 2015

What a wonderful post! Loved the chefs enthusiasm (and their joyful faces), loved the story (I can hear your voice, Nicky) and loved the photos of the food! Note to self: Don't read another Angama Mara food story before lunch!

Glenn Garson Oltmanns

24 November 2015

Loved reading this and seeing the smiling faces! Great blog Nicky. Will make coming to Angama all the more special.

    Nicky Fitzgerald

    24 November 2015

    Angama Mara does have the best looking, most cheerful chefs in Kenya - and they cook up a storm, too. We are practicing for your return ....


24 November 2015

I just love reading your blog and oh my what a sensational job your wonderful chef's did. Chef O would be proud. I'll have to visit soon to experience these culinary delights.

    Nicky Fitzgerald

    24 November 2015

    Thanks so much Charlotte - please come soon and we will cook our socks off for you!

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