In the Heart of Maasailand

Where We Belong

There are many moments during a guest’s stay when they can interact with the Maasai people, both at Angama Mara and in a neighbouring village. In and around the lodge, guests will spend time with Maasai staff, as the majority of the people who work here come from local communities; and guides, naturalists, the baker, and a camp manager are all Maasai.

Every evening at sunset, Maasai warriors perform in the lodge’s traditional brush-packed boma and here, guests are able to not only photograph this time-honoured celebration of song and dance, but can also participate should they so wish. In Angama Mara’s craft studio, guests can try their hand at Maasai craft, as skilled ladies bead bespoke items onto pieces of clothing, and we have also had the privilege of hosting Maasai weddings, vow renewals, Olympics, and even a Maasai Mitzvah for one lucky young guest.

In the heart of Maasailand, Angama Mara is surrounded by many traditional homestead manyattas that welcome travellers. Here, guests enjoy a rare opportunity of gaining a deeper understanding into the every day lives of the Maasai, their ways, their fascinating culture and what daily challenges they face in maintaining the fine balance between preserving their ancient ways and embracing the new. Guests may freely photograph the family and their homesteads and buy beautiful traditional jewelry directly from the ladies who craft it.

"When you have caught the rythmn of Africa, you find out that it is the same in all her music"