Maasai Culture

Experience the Maasai People & Culture

Angama Mara is in the heart of Maasailand and our journey is interwoven with the Maasai people. There are many moments during your stay where you will meet and interact with Maasai, discovering the many fascinating aspects of their ancient culture.

Friends and Neighbours

According to their oral history, the Maasai moved south from the Nile region into the Great Rift Valley around 300 years ago, living as nomadic pastoralists in what is today Kenya and Tanzania

Despite challenges, the Maasai have retained their traditions and remain a proud and indomitable people: Their tall stature, red shukas and ornate beadwork are among their hallmarks

Our landlords who we rent this land from, as well as all of our neighbours, are Maasai

The majority of the people at Angama come from local Maasai communities — guides, naturalists, chefs — you’ll get to spend time with them in and around the lodge

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