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A Ugandan Safari: Part One 9 February 2016 GOOD CALL,  PTOLEMY Around 1800 years ago the Greco-Roman mathematician, astronomer, geographer and astrologer Ptolemy drew on his map of Africa, in what today is known as Uganda, Lunae Montes, or as we now call them, Mountains of the Moon. Kate and I recently travelled to Uganda on a chimpanzee quest but secretly I was... By Nicky Fitzgerald
The Chimps, the Pelly and Me 7 December 2015 Greystoke Mahale lodge is world famous – mainly for its close proximity to wild chimpanzee groups which one can track and spend time with in the Mahale Mountains, but also for its quirky design and mind-blowing location. Set on the white sandy beaches of the gin clear waters of Lake Tanganyika, this lodge certainly lived... By Rose Hipwood