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Evelyn from Angama's Safari Shop gives the inside scoop on what to wear — and buy — on safari
Above: Safari chic in action

Many things pop into your mind as you plan your safari and if you’re like me, what to wear might be one of them. Sitting on the edge of the Oloololo Escarpment, Angama Mara can be cold at certain times and hot at others, so you do need to be prepared for a range of temperatures. Along with the weather, you have a variety of options when it comes to the activities to fill your day so you will want to be comfortable — and photo-ready — as you capture these special memories. Let me take the guesswork out for you and help you picture your safari with us…

A walking safari is just one of the activities you might do — so think light jackets

First and foremost, almost all our guests fly to Angama Mara and the planes have strict baggage restrictions. You need to pack in a soft-shell suitcase that weighs no more than 15kgs — so pack wisely. But don't worry, our complimentary laundry service will ensure you can make good use of your best outfits.

A lot of your time on your safari holiday is spent, well, on safari. So you want something chic and comfortable — linen is always a great choice to pack as the fabric is breathable, helping you cool down in the hot savanna. Another plus is that it’s in fashion all around the world (don’t worry about the wrinkles when you arrive, it de-creases beautifully on its own or our laundry team can iron them out in two seconds).

You can't go wrong with linen
Pack a good hat — we'll bring the bubbly

A variety of linen items are good — especially a few button-down shirts — mixing trousers with a few pairs of shorts if you have. Nairobi-based designer, Anna Trzebinski has perfected the art of producing handmade clothing, we especially love her beautiful kaftans and shoals that are the perfect addition to any outfit. Her daughter, Lana Trzebinski, also offers everything from linen blouses to shorts and dresses; one is spoilt for choice. A stylish and functional bag is a must-have for your safari for all the essentials you might have: your phone, sunscreen or a scarf.

Earthy, natural hues are best for keeping cool and looking tidy

Of course, it’s not just the ladies who want to look good on safari (think Robert Redford in Out of Africa). Just as with the women, the men should also keep things neutral and cool but that does not mean it has to be boring. Throw in all your linen and lightweight cotton button-downs and trousers as well — they’ll keep you cool and won’t weigh down your bag. If you're in need, we carry cotton and linen shirts with colourful details on the collars and sleeves from Koy at the Safari Shop. This is a great way to dress safari-style while still letting your style come through. Everything looks great with sunglasses (we love the Kenyan brand Kobe) so pack a pair and you’ll have a complete safari outfit.

Layers are the way to go for early mornings on a hot-air balloon
The Angama Safari Jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit

It can get chilly in the Mara at night and early mornings so don’t forget a jacket — layering is the best packing hack and you need a good outer layer. We've found that many guests underestimate how cool it can get and they come to our Safari Shop looking for something to keep off the chill so we designed a safari jacket knowing exactly what our guests were after (functional, yet fashionable). Make sure you pack something similar, or you can always come to see us in the Shop as you arrive.

Black is the new black (especially when it comes to flattering swimwear)
And every man looks good in blue

The afternoons can get a bit hot here, so a dip in our rim-flow pool might be on the cards so be sure to pack a swimming costume, a pair of sandals and a good hat. In case you forget any of the above — we’ve got you covered. We’ve got our backless swimming costumes for the ladies and cool swimming trunks for the men. You can choose from a variety of great slip-on leather sandals, handmade in Nairobi by Sipdada and suede hats by Simon and Mary which will be just as good around the pool as out on safari.

The Sundowner Boma is the perfect time for a little dress up
Evelyn, ready to help you find what you're looking for (or forgot!)

After a day out on safari, a shower and a change of clothes might be a good idea before dinner. This is when you can dress up a little if you like — pack some fun clothes specifically for dinner and some statement jewellery and accessories to spice up your outfit. At Angama, we like things bold and playful (have you seen the architecture?) so you don’t need to stick with safari greens and beiges. In the Safari Shop, we carry these fabulous, locally-made cotton jumpsuits from KikoRomeo. While we’re on the topic of dinner, I should warn you that you will be eating lots of delicious food so make sure to leave some breathing room in your clothes! Happy packing and safari njema.

Note from the Editor:

Thank you to Angama guests for sharing their safari style with us and bringing Evelyn's tips to life.

For those wanting a more prescriptive list, Angama's co-founder, Nicky Fitzgerald, has written a lovely packing list-with-a-twist.

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