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The Angama Team Digs Deep

Read about the colours of the Angama Team as thirteen of the senior staff took part in Insights Discovery training with Rob Pearse and learnt more about themselves, how to work better as a team and most importantly how to better take care of our guests

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About: Azei Lago

Azei is a much loved and respected member of the Angama family best known for his prowess during installation of somehow getting every single item from the onsite makeshift warehouse through the mud and pouring rain into just the right place. He was a fiend on the radio rapping out instructions and unmuddling the muddles. He is also known as The Voice of Angama Mara – you will understand when you come and stay.

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Comments (4):

Nicky Fitzgerald

17 May 2017

Thank you Sara - we love a new challenge

Franc is Bagbey

16 May 2017

Looking at the color mat, I thought bonding was going to be achieved by a game of Twister!

    Nicky Fitzgerald

    16 May 2017

    So did I! And if they did a bit of Twisting they are not telling :)

      Sara de Maine Kearns

      16 May 2017

      A fascinating exercise, revealing very iiniinteresting and clever ways to work as a team.. go Angama go ....

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