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How The Afridrille Came To Be

Zane Wilemon from Ubuntu Life tells us about his ‘sole-searching’ mission to Ethiopia which eventually led to the creation of Africa’s first fully customisable shoe

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About: Zane Wilemon

Co-founder and CEO of Ubuntu Life, an Episcopal priest, and a Huffington Post “Hunk with Heart”. Over 15 years at the head of Ubuntu Life, he has helped the organization grow from a charity with 3 employees to a blended nonprofit business employing over 80 individuals in Kenya and the United States, with sustained revenues over $1.5 million annually. Zane is a frequent inspirational speaker, recipient of the Charles J. Cook Award in Servant Leadership from the Seminary of the Southwest.

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Bunny farnell-watson

12 June 2019

I just love my afridrilles which were a present. They were too small to begin with but on second try they fit like a glove. Thank you and good luck bunny

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