Susie Allan

Susie, born and living in Kenya, has over forty years of experience in luxury tented safaris in Kenya and tourism in Africa. She managed her own successful safari camp, Ol Seki Mara Camp in the Koiyaki Group Ranch north of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. She has a great passion for plants, traditional artifacts and wild places. Susie has recently authored Letilet’s Tales, beautifully photographed, which tells the story of the vanishing world of a hunter-gatherer.
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Latest Story

Kenya’s Vanishing Beekeepers 4 November 2014 The life of a hunter-gatherer is close to us all. To understand their lives is to understand our own roots and those principles that govern our lives today. When I had my own tented camp in the Mara, a chance encounter with a hunter-gatherer, Letilet Ole Yenko, whose mother was a Maasai, led me to... By Susie Allan
Dancing Aloes 23 September 2014 Susie Allan is a born and bread Kenyan and has a great passion for plants, traditional artifacts and wild places and shares some of her incredible knowledge on aloes and other succulents that thrive along Angama’s escarpment By Susie Allan
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