Robert Kiprotich, Author at Angama

Robert Kiprotich

Robert Kiprotich, who first interviewed with us for a guiding position early in 2015. By day Robert was busy digging and filling foundations with rocks, mixing sand and cement, and hurrying to and fro with wheelbarrows full of ballast and concrete. By night, Robert was studying to be a safari guide, having just recently passed his Bronze Level exam with the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. Robert’s passion and knowledge were clearly evident – but he lacked one critical certification: a driver’s license, which in turn is needed for three years before the requisite PSV can be obtained for driving guests commercially. But there was no doubt he had the right attitude, and we wanted him on our team. As of January 1st, after having acquired his PSV late last year, Robert is now officially a member of the Angama guiding team, having first been hired as a general cleaner, before quickly advancing to tent steward, then transitioning to the front of house to get guest experience as a butler, all the while training with the guides, even staying at the lodge during his two-week breaks to do so.