Alastair Kilpin

Alastair’s connection with the Angama Mara family goes back more than 20 years when he was just a young guide working at &Beyond together with Steve and Nicky. He rose rapidly through the ranks of senior guide, head ranger, lodge manager, and finally guide trainer (in both South and East Africa). Today he runs a boutique guided safari business Mammoth Safaris and does guide training across the sub continent. If you need him on either count book early – he is that good!
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Connecting the Dots 27 June 2017 Alastair Kilpin shares some highlights from this year’s guide training where the team visited the nearby Lake Victoria and Kakamega forest as well as undertaking some deeper exploration on home soil By Alastair Kilpin
Funga Macho Yako 31 May 2016 Alastair Kilpin returns to Angama Mara after a year long absence to spend time reflecting and reviewing the past year with the Guiding Team, specifically looking at lessons learnt at the guest coalface By Alastair Kilpin
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