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This Week At Angama #165

No two weeks at Angama are ever the same, and even more so this week. There was some regularly scheduled lion action, plus many moments to capture at the lodge, including a big farewell to our Regional Directors
Two brothers pause for a moment mid-hunt

I will be the first to admit that this week I have hardly spent any time out in the field photographing wildlife. The four hours that I did manage to spend out in the grasslands of the Mara were in very productive. I chanced upon the Border Pride as they were trailing a small grouping of buffalo bulls. My heart raced as I sat high up in the car and watched out over the golden grass – the heads of 15 lions popping up from all over. Ultimately, the buffalos proved too big for the lions and after a tense stand-off the buffalo sent the lions running for safety.

The lions were the unlucky ones this time around...

Besides the lion action that punctuated my drive, there were a number of smaller cameos at play. At first light I watched this black-backed jackal catch and enjoy a rather large rodent. Literally an hour later, and I watched in amazement as a black-headed heron did the same thing. And swallowed it whole…

Black-headed heron with rat f 4.0, 1/3200, ISO 320, -0.67
Black-backed jackal with rat f 4.0, 1/100, ISO 500, -0.67
A hot air balloon floats effortlessly along the Mara River f 4.0, 1/4000, ISO 1250, -0.67

Hot air balloons are somewhat of an icon of the Mara landscape, silently drifting across the grasslands at first light, like jellyfish gliding across the skies.

Part of the area burnt by the Mara Conservancy this past week f 6.3, 1/1000, ISO 250, -0.33
A European roller f 4.0, 1/3200, ISO 320, -0.67

The Mara Conservancy managed to complete one small controlled burn, before the rains start again. I loved how beautifully this European roller stood out against the burnt backdrop.

A small group of ostriches enjoying the burnt area f 5.0, 1/1000, ISO 500, -0.33

Pulling me away from game drives week were multiple photoshoots, from a multi-family party, to a long overdue gorgeous, intimate, Maasai style Wedding. In addition, as a farewell present to the Davis family, I took some pictures of them on the slopes below Angama – hoping to capture a moment that epitomises their Kenyan life.

Fun and games on safari in the Mara f 7.1, 1/320, ISO 400, -0.33
The Davis family as photographed by Adam f 7.1, 1/250, ISO 400, -0.33

We have also started filming our stunning new light-footprint mobile camp, Angama Safari Camp. Watch this space!

Angama Safari Camp tucked discreetly along the banks of the Mara River f 5.0, 1/5000, ISO 500
f 5.0, 1/5000, ISO 500

Last, but not least, we had multiple farewell celebrations for Shannon and Tyler Davis, whom after 6 years at the helm of the Angama ship, are returning home to America. There was a Volleyball Tournament, light-hearted field games, a marching precession, speeches, gifts and music and dancing long into the night.

The Angama team spent a fun-filled afternoon at the Davis family's farewell party
A last team photo with the Davis family f 8.0, 1/400, ISO 400

Note from the Editor:

As you can see, photoshoots for families or couples celebrating a milestone is something we love doing for our guests. The Angama Photographic Studio is always open and eager to make your trip even more memorable.

This Week Two Years Ago

Two years ago, I switched the engine off of the car, and sat quietly eating my breakfast on the banks of the Mara River. Within minutes a gorgeous African fish eagle swooped up onto a dead branch right in front of me – with a freshly caught fish in his talons. Perfect light, incredible action, and photographic heaven. Fortune favours those who pack breakfast.

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Francis Bagbey

2 April 2021

Best wishes to the Davises. Can you share what they will do in America?

    Ryan Brown

    13 April 2021

    Hi Francis, they aren't sure yet. They are travelling around Kenya for the time being before returning to Seattle. They will probably write us a blog to update us. Best, RB

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