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A Day in the Life of an Angama Safari Camp Host

Ever wondered what it takes to run a light-footprint, movable safari camp in the middle of the wilderness? According to Ibrahim, there’s nothing else he’d rather do
Above: Leave the world behind in the heart of the Mara

When ruminating on the concept of a mobile safari camp, most people’s thoughts lead them down a similar route: roughing it in a bubble tent, nights spent bundled up in a sleeping bag, with only paraffin lanterns illuminating the darkness. And with that, thoughts of camping tend to disappear more hastily than lightning in a thunderous storm.

But please allow me to re-orientate this perception as I walk you through a day in my life as the host at Angama Safari Camp, which in my opinion, is the best of its kind.

Your host for today is Ibrahim Hussein

Waking up to early birdsong, I start my day between 04:00 and 05:00am with some push-ups, a stretching session and prayer. Guests tend not to wake up too early; with Angama Safari Camp situated right in the Mara Triangle, they don’t need to travel far to see everything that brought them to the Reserve in the first place – the Big Five, and at certain times of the year, the Great Migration, too. Once guests are up and have enjoyed a cup of coffee and some delicious freshly baked biscuits, we wave them off on safari and then it’s time to walk around to make sure everything is just as it should be.

When your tent is pitched in the heart of the Mara the animals sometimes come to you

All the while, I stay in touch with the guests’ safari guide to keep tabs on their plan for the day, and ensure we are ready for their return – will it be an elegant lunch for two under the gazebo? Or perhaps a family affair, getting the children involved in the bush kitchen and cooking over the coals? The beauty of a sole-use camp is that each day is tailored around whatever the guests feel like doing.

With a dedicated vehicle and team the Mara is yours to explore and enjoy
A sole-use camp affords the ultimate freedom for children to be children

One of the mind-boggling facts about Angama Safari Camp, is that it can be shuttled anywhere. As if by magic, the team are able to completely dismantle a camp that looks like it’s taken months to build, packing everything into our truck, named ‘Big Bertha’. And exactly the same happens in reverse when putting it up. Despite being ‘pack-up-and-go’, at Angama Safari Camp, it is the minutiae that impress guests the most, from the gym basket in their tent, to the small collection of books in the washroom to the double-headed bucket shower.

There's nothing better than a warm shower (or two) after a safari
Following the lead of Angama Mara, dining is an elegant affair at Angama Safari Camp

Being completely solar-powered gives the camp a light environmental footprint, but it also means I need to be hands-on, always walking around the site to see what needs to be attended to: does the water bowser need reloading? Are we stocked up on ample food, drink and housekeeping supplies? Is there laundry that needs to be sent up to the lodge? All of this compels me to become a better planner – and immune to the disease of mediocrity, what I refer to as “excusitis”.

We like to keep things light, including our footprint
From bucket showers to solar panels, we leave the Mara as we found it

My role is to foster the team to ensure that not even seemingly insurmountable challenges can discourage us. Our goal is to delight guests to the pinnacle – consistently winning and stealing guests’ hearts, day by day. As we always say, they may have come for the animals, but they leave with the team’s affection embedded in their hearts forever.

The end of another lovely day at Angama Safari Camp

Finally, there’s time for a final check-in with the guests to discuss their plans for the next day, and the essential task of extinguishing the fire pit is the last chapter to write, before retiring to bed with the melodious sounds of the Mara’s lullaby all around us.

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About: Ibrahim Hussein

Ibrahim is one of Angama's lovely Camp Managers. If his smile isn't enough to light up Camp then his hard work and diligence will do the rest.

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Ismail Adan khalif

1 May 2022

Wish to visit Mara soon

    Charlotte Ross Stewart

    3 May 2022

    Hello, we would be so happy to have you stay with us. If you have any questions or would like more information please send an email to [email protected] Thanks, Charlotte

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