Sammy Njoroge

Sammy has worked in the film and photography industry for over seven years and has loved every moment of visual storytelling. He is passionate about the natural world and is keen to bring wildlife stories into your home. Outside of the 'office', Sammy enjoys the ocean and exploring different cuisines (despite the fact that he usually only eats one meal a day).
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Latest Story

This Week at Angama #274 5 May 2023 What better way to appreciate the beauty of the Mara Triangle and the recent rains than from the sky? Also, lions feast in a pool of mud while butterflies enjoy some 'leftovers' By Sammy Njoroge
Guides for a Day (or Two) 5 May 2023 Often trading photography tips with the guides for wildlife knowledge, the Photographic Studio recently tagged along on their annual training program By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #269 31 March 2023 Making the most of these times of plenty, hyenas are raiding all over the Triangle — and no one's food is safe By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #267 17 March 2023 The Bila Shaka boys have returned setting up a potential show down and the rarest of sightings in the Mara happens three times in one week By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #262 10 February 2023 We witnessed a number of showdowns this week — as well as a few grisly scenes — as the taller grasses makes hunting more difficult By Sammy Njoroge
Do You Know Vipingo? 10 February 2023 With a passion for the ocean, Sammy heads for the coast, as he often does, to do a little exploring in a lesser-known location By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #261 3 February 2023 The warm weather brings a relaxed atmosphere to the Mara — where pool parties and afternoon naps seem to be the norm By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #254 16 December 2022 The short rains have made the grass — which harbours many interesting creatures — a glorious green. And in the Mara, it always pays to look up By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #253 9 December 2022 Near the end of the year, the Mara's inhabitants seem to be in a similar mode to the rest of us — getting in lots of family time, eating and taking it slow By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #248 4 November 2022 As for most animals, family is everything — they help you get clean (or dirty), and have your back through thick and thin By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #247 28 October 2022 This week was all about changing perspectives and seeing things differently — both literally and figuratively By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #242 23 September 2022 What was four has become three and what should be zero is four... The maths amount to an intriguing week as we mourn a loss and make a riveting discovery By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #241 16 September 2022 The Nyati Six have moved in on the Egyptian Pride — a bad sign for their cubs — and just when you think you've seen it all, we caught a giraffe snacking on bones By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #235 5 August 2022 Everyone is eating well lately, as Sammy notes, with lots of wildebeest on the menu. Not to mention another leopard with an unusual kill in a tree By Sammy Njoroge
This Week at Angama #231 8 July 2022 Sammy starts the week on a high note in the basket of a hot-air balloon followed by a catch-up with the Bila Shaka males By Sammy Njoroge
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