Safe guarding Mara rhinos


With rhino poaching regrettably on the rise across the continent, in 2017 the Angama Foundation donated a dedicated rhino anti-poaching vehicle to the Mara Conservancy to assist in its mission to combat the war on these highly endangered animals. The Foundation identified the importance for this species to be protected in the safe haven of the Mara Triangle. This was the first conservation initiative supported by the Foundation after having completed its maiden project, The Angama Foundation Clinic.


The vehicle, which has been aptly named Rhino One, can regularly be sighted by Angama Mara guests in the Reserve as the park rangers execute their daily patrols. In order to ensure the ongoing success of this initiative, the Foundation also covers the ongoing running costs to allow the anti-poaching team to effectively monitor the territories used by the Reserve’s black rhino population.


The Mara Triangle is home to the Big Five, including a small and healthy population of critically endangered black rhino. This is in no small part due to the tireless efforts of the Mara Conservancy, the not-for-profit organisation that manages the Mara Triangle.


While out on safari, Angama Mara guests may be lucky enough to see black rhino in their natural habitat, but even if not, they can rest assured that their contribution through their nightly Angama Foundation donation, has played a part in securing a future for the rhino of the Mara Triangle.