Discover East Africa from Angama Mara, Kenya

The Roof of Africa



For guests visiting Angama Mara and wanting to discover more of this beautiful country, the choices for a classic East Africa safari are limitless: fly north over flamingo-rimmed lakes of the Rift Valley to the land of the Samburu and Meru National Park, once home of Elsa the lioness; scale the peaks of Mt Kenya; discover Swahili coastal culture in historical Lamu; capture that iconic photograph of an elephant in front of Mt Kilimanjaro in Amboseli; and don’t forget to spend at least one day in Nairobi visiting an elephant orphanage, feeding a giraffe and walking in the footsteps of Blixen and Finch Hatton at Karen’s lovely farmhouse.

For those travellers wanting to explore more of Kenya after their stay at Angama Mara it is an easy flight to just about anywhere: Amboseli with its famed views of Mt Kilimanjaro; Tsavo and the crystal clear waters of the Mzima Springs; Meru, Samburu and Laikipia in Kenya’s northern territories, all with astoundingly diverse habitats, and Mt Kenya with its snow-capped peak is to be found here too; travelling down through the Rift Valley are the lovely reserves surrounding Lakes Naivasha and Nakuru, swathed in pink from the tens of thousands of flamingos; and finally, to wrap up an East Africa safari, relax on one of Kenya’s beautiful beaches on the Swahili coast.


One of Africa’s great safari journeys is to combine northern Tanzania with the Maasai Mara. Starting at the world’s largest intact caldera, the Ngorongoro Crater is home to over 25 000 animals in one of the most beautiful wildlife havens anywhere in Africa. No traveller on an East Africa safari should miss this extraordinary destination – a place quite like no other. Journeying on westwards across the mighty Serengeti, the perfect choice of where to stay has to be in a tented camp that follows the Migration. Wake up in the morning with nothing more than a piece of canvas between you and hundreds of thousands of wildebeest. Crossing over into Kenya via the western border posts of the two countries, travellers finally find themselves at Angama Mara high up above the Mara itself. A perfect ending to a perfect East African safari.

For intrepid travellers wanting more it is also an easy flight from Angama Mara westwards into either neighbouring Uganda or Rwanda, home to Africa’s great apes: the mountain gorillaschimpanzees and the endangered golden monkeys to name but a few.



Fly north from Angama Mara, and discover the limitless, endless land that is northern Kenya. This is the land of adventure: explore the flamingo-rimmed lakes of the Rift Valley, visit Meru National Park – once home to Elsa the lioness – scale the peaks of Mt Kenya, or just relax on one of the private ranches in its shadow in Laikipia, go camel-trekking with the Samburu or take a multiday helicopter trip to out-of-this world Lake Turkana.



Fly east from Angama Mara, towards Mt Kilimanjaro, and explore the Green Chyulu Hills that inspired Hemingway, and capture that iconic photograph of an elephant in Amboseli.

Beyond the highest mountain in Africa, lies the exotic Swahili coastal culture in historical Lamu, and the the spice island of Zanzibar, a perfect ending to an East Africa safari. Travellers are kept busy here exploring the historic town with its grand palaces, winding alleys, ancient mosques and carved wooden doors; discovering charming fishing villages perched on the edge of pristine beaches and impossibly blue waters.
(Or travel even further east, to the paradise of the Seychelles…)



Fly south from Angama Mara, and travel into the heart of the mighty Serengeti. It’s best to take your time here driving slowly through the world’s largest short grass plains and home to more animals than travellers ever deemed possible.

Further afield, lies the Eden that is the Ngorongoro Crater, and the flamingo-lined Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks waiting to be discovered on this classical East African safari.



Fly west from Angama Mara, to Africa’s great lakes and the countries of Rwanda and Uganda. Here safari travellers will have a-once-in-a-lifetime experience observing some of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas, protected in their natural habitat.

Also waiting to be discovered are the mythical Mountains of the Moon and chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest or the Kyambura Gorge – safari extensions to the west of Angama Mara offer a fresh perspective and are often best experienced before heading to the Mara.