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Off The Beaten Path In Eritrea

After a stay at Angama Mara, Bunny Farnell-Watson revisited the land of her birth, Eritrea. Amidst the ruins, she discovered adventure, warmth and beauty in abundance

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About: Bunny Farnell-Watson

Bunny Farnell Watson, loving sister-in-law to Nicky Fitzgerald, resides in the UK. Avid traveler, biker and hiker around the world, she is also a super fan of Angama Mara and returns to Angama every February with her family in the Mara. Bunny was born in Eritrea, a fact of she is enormously proud and always refers to herself as proudly African. She lived in South Africa for many years and feels as much at home on this continent as she does in England.

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