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Evelyn walks us through her new office at Angama Amboseli, and reveals the best place to be for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up
Above: If the fun doesn't lure you in — the cake surely will

A yellow bark acacia tree takes centre stage; standing strong with its branches reaching out to the sun. The tree is home to many birds who are always chirping and producing a lovely melody that fills the brief silences when I'm not with guests or my lovely colleagues. It's not just the birdsong that makes this place so peaceful, even the design seems to have peace in mind. A seating area surrounds the tree, providing a relaxing space where you can read a book with a cup of tea in hand. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this little oasis that I call my 'office' — the Studios at Angama Amboseli.

The steel map of the ecosystem showing the migratory movements
A tribute to Tolstoy, with replicas of his impressive tusks

They say walls have ears and in Angama's case, they can tell stories, too. On one side is a map of Kimana Sanctuary showcasing the movement of elephants and other wildlife. Your Guide will tell you all about how they move between Chyulu Hills, Tsavo National Park, and Amboseli National Park; Kimana Sanctuary provides a safe haven and passageway for them to graze and move about safely. Another wall tells the story of one of the greatest Super Tuskers — Tolstoy. He was a legend who lived to be 51 years old, with tusks so big they swept the ground before him. Sadly, he passed away here in the Sanctuary. You can read more about Tolstoy here.

The Gallery is a lovely place to sit quietly and admire Sophie's beautiful paintings
Sophie is talented in lots of different mediums including oil, watercolours and mixed media
Those who have driven through Amboseli National Park will recognise this magical scene

Within the Studios you will find the perfect room to relax, play, create — anything you wish really. Once you've taken in the beautiful tree at the centre and the story-filled walls, at your first left you will find the Gallery adorned with paintings by Sophie Walbeoffe. Sophie is an extremely talented painter (now, a beloved friend of Angama) who arrived in Kenya in the late 80s and decided to stay, exploring the beauty and diversity of Kenya. She captures the beauty of elephants and Amboseli landscapes in a unique way and you can tell her love for the area by the beautiful paintings hanging in the Gallery.

The Photographic Studio is a camera-whiz's dream come true
How you'll often find Sammy

The Gallery leads to The Photographic Studio where you will find an experienced and talented photographer, Sammy Njoroge (many of you may know him from This Week at Angama). With a smile on, he is always ready to equip guests with skills and equipment to ensure they take captivating photos on safari. And when you’re back from safari and would like your photos edited and printed, Sammy is your go-to. The Photographic Studio also provides photoshoots for our guests, so don't be camera shy.

A room for the young and the young at heart

Next to the Gallery is the Games Room, full of fun activities for children and adults. On one side of the wall is an in-built scrabble board we call Cheza meaning 'play' in Swahili. Chess, Ludo, Poker and Jenga are some of the other games available, creating a hive of fun for you and your loved ones during your stay. If you would like to know more about wildlife, adventures of early explorers and more on Amboseli or Kenya, the shelves are full of books from well-known and new authors. Everyone enjoys movie nights and with our variety of films, we are sure you will find something everyone will enjoy.

A treasure trove of Kenyan goods
The author and dangerously good salesperson, Evelyn Kamau

To the right of the Games Room, you will find our lovely Safari Shop (where you'll find me!) along with the Weaving Studio. The shop beautifully displays Kenyan items specifically curated for Angama. I, along with the rest of the Retail Team, discover wonderful products across the country from jewellery, apparel, artefacts, books and accessories — there is something for everybody. We seek products with community impact so that a purchase may better someone’s life and with such an abundance of creativity and craftsmanship in Kenya, this is one of the best parts of my job.

The Mamas threading, tying and weaving magical creations

Woven items hanging on the walls lead you into the Weaving Studio where the magic happens. The Mamas sit around the table weaving beautiful items including jewellery, ornaments and decorative accessories. The shelves hold woven baskets in different colours and designs from Hadithi Crafts, lampshades from Afrodutch and some woven goods made by our Mamas. Please be sure to sit with them and weave as they exchange stories and, if you're lucky, sing songs. Their creativity enables them to come up with wonderful designs which give them a sense of pride in their work.

And so ends the tour... time for lunch

During your stay with us, we hope you will visit us in the Studios and indulge in at least one — if not all. To tempt you even further, there's daily afternoon tea and cake lovingly made by the Chefs... See you soon.

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Evelyn is full of curiosity and loves constantly diving into the unknown. She believes life itself is an art and appreciates creativity in all forms which makes her perfect for the role of Retail Manager in the Safari Shop at Angama Amboseli.

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