Collaring for Conservation


The Mara Predator Conservation Programme (MPCP) has embarked on a project to collar and monitor 10 lion in the Greater Mara region, making use of satellite communication to learn more about how these animals move and the threats they face in order to better protect them.


In particular, the lightweight GPS collars help to determine how much time the lions spend outside of protected areas where they run the risk of human-wildlife conflict, especially in the fringes of the Reserve.


The Angama Foundation has funded the deployment of two collars – one fitted to an adult lioness in the ‘Angama Pride’ and another on a sub-adult male in the Mara Triangle. These collared animals will help the MPCP to identify important wildlife corridors, understand how human-led changes affect lion movement and behaviour, keep track of cubs being born and mitigate human-wildlife conflict.