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Stories From The Media

The Angama Mara story is shared across the world by travel industry partners in the the media. Read what they have had to say below.


07 September 2017

Britt Collins

After a visit to Angama, Britt Collins shares some highlights of her short stay at the lodge.

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The Most Luxurious Safari Getaways in Africa

07 September 2017

Lindsey Olander

Angama Mara is featured in’s “10 safari getaways that top the rest”.

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Top 10 Luxury Stays in Kenya

17 July 2017

Moza Moyo

Moza Moyo looks at Kenya as a holiday destination and features Angama Mara in his top 10 luxury destinations.

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This Travel Expert Runs Her Safari Lodge a Little Differently

13 July 2017

Jen Murphy

Jen Murphy interviews Nicky Fitzgerald and discovers her approach to tourists, work-life balance and conservation.

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Angama Mara: Kenya's Latest Luxury Safari Lodge

February 2017

Fiona Carruthers

Fiona Carruthers interviews the “African hospitality power couple” Nicky and Steve Fitzgerald about their most recent project, Angama Mara.

This article first appeared on Financial Review 

This Year, I Finally Go on Safari

20 January 2017

Pavia Rosati

In her debut trip to Africa, Pavia Rosati follows her first safari memory to Angama Mara – the place where Out of Africa was filmed

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AFRICA - Meet the People, Share their Passion, See the Place

1 September 2016

Emma Gregg

From a Maasai beadworker at Angama Mara in Kenya to a shark conservationist in South Africa, Emma Gregg introduces us to some of the continent’s most charming characters.

This article first appeared  on  National Geographic Traveller.

Angama Mara, Maasai Mara, Kenya

1 August 2016

Mary Holland

How to spend your days  at Angama Mara?  Mary Holland shares her  suggestions for the perfect day in this place on the ridge of Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

This article first appeared  on Wallpaper.

Can You (Ethically) Go On Safari in 2016?

17 June 2016

Mark Byrne

For the first time in 26 years, Mark Byrne visits Kenya and share his thoughts and experience on how one can experience a  modern day conscientious, safari in the Maasai Mara.

This article first appeared  on Afar  Magazine.


25 May 2016

Jane Broughton

After a visit to Angama Mara, Jane Broughton gives her thoughts on its views, design and wildlife  experience.

This article first appeared  on the Robb Report.

Africa My Africa

1 March 2016

Victoria Mather

After catching up with innovative safari leaders who are keeping and spreading the faith, Victoria Mather writes  what she calls “a love letter to Kenya”.
This article first appeared in Vanity Fair.

Out of Africa: The film that made us fall in love with Kenya

18 December 2015

Caroline Eden

Travelling as a guest of Abercrombie & Kent, Caroline Eden went on a six-night Out of Africa adventure to Angama Mara and Segera Retreat and shares the special connections these lodges have to the world famous book and movie.

This article first appeared in The Telegraph.

Room With A View

1 December 2015

Michelle Jana Chan

Condé Nast Traveller UK profiles Angama Mara in its Room with a View feature in the December 2015 issue.
This article first appeared in Condé Nast Traveller UK.

Under African Skies

23 November 2015

Nicky Fitzgerald

South Africa’s prestigious VISI magazine celebrates Angama Mara in it’s At Home in Africa issue with a cover feature and 12 page spread as it explores Heavenly Spaces in Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia and SA.
This article first appeared in VISI magazine.

Meeting the gods at Angama Mara

1 December 2015

Rupi Gill

On behalf of the official Air Kenya in flight magazine, Rupi Gill from Ndege News pays a visit to Angama Mara and writes about her experience in the December 2015 issue.
This article first appeared in Ndege News.

A World Apart

1 November 2015

Patrick Tillard

The Gentleman’s Journal features Angama Mara in a 10 page spread titled A World Apart in it’s Winter 2015 issue.
This article first appeared in The Gentleman’s Journal UK.

10 African Adventures Answer Call of the Wild and Comfort

23 October 2015

Elaine Glusac

Angama Mara cracks the mighty New York Times in a feature on African Adventure.
This article first appeared in The New York Times.

Check It Out: Angama Mara, Kenya

26 September 2015

Christine McCabe

Australia’s leading national news brand profiles Angama Mara in its popular Check it Out column.
This article first appeared in The Australian.

The Constant Traveller: Angama Mara

16 September 2015

Steve Bergsman

An Out of Africa enthusiast describes his time at Angama Mara, and the very location where scenes from the movie were filmed.
This article first appeared in the East Valley Tribune of Phoenix, Arizona.

Tourism In The Time Of Terrorism

1 September 2015

Carolyn Raphaely

A South African journalist chats to owners Steve & Nicky Fitzgerald about opening a lodge in the current environment.
This article first appeared in South Africa’s favourite Daily Maverick.

Call Of The Wild

14 August 2015

Nathan Lump

Travel + Leisure magazine’s Editor-in-Chief recounts his experience as the very first guest at Angama Mara.
This article first appeared in the September 2015 Style & Design Issue.

A New Lodge Marries Cinematic Allure With Maasai Community Impact

3 August 2015

Patrick Dowd

National Geographic’s Editor At Large explores the heart of Maasailand, and the connections between the lodge, the Angama Foundation and the local Maasai communities.
This article first appeared on the NatGeo blog Voices.

Why You Should Travel To Kenya Now

14 July 2015

Michelle Jana Chan

With a blockbuster migration underway, 30 percent off hotels, new e-visas and empty plains, MJC recommends that savvy travellers head to Kenya.
This article first appeared in the travel section of The Telegraph (UK).

Where To Go In 2015

21 November 2014

Jen Murphy

AFAR magazine’s editor talks to Nicky Fitzgerald about why everyone should have Kenya on their 2015 travel list.
This article first appeared in AFAR.