Thank you for considering Angama as part of your East African safari. We thought you might like to watch our Signature Video to get you dreaming of our lodge at the edge of the Great Rift Valley, and the famed Maasai Mara 1000ft below. Here your days are as you choose them to be, and we cannot wait to plan them with you. We will be in touch within the next 24 hours, if not sooner, with a warm Kenyan welcome.

How to get There
This Week At Angama #100
It is hard to believe that ‘This Week At Angama’ started 100 weeks ago. This Friday blog was launched to celebrate, through beautiful photography, the year-round diversity of this remarkable reserve. We also hoped that by publishing a weekly review, our guests could follow in real-time what was happening to their favourite characters in the Mara Triangle. With this honesty in…
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Nicky’s Safari Essentials
WHAT HAS NICKY PACKED IN HER SAFARI BAG THIS TIME? There are tons of stories out there about “what to pack on safari” and they’re all just about as drab and dull as the next. It’s fair to say that I’ve experienced more African travel in the past year than all the previous years of my life put together and I’m…
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A Chaotic Carnival of Wild Abundance
When I last left the Mara in March, the sea of red oat grass was dotted with floating pachyderms and topi marooned on termite mounds. Invisible in the waves, lions eyed rafts of drifting buffalo. The first thunder of the long rains cracked as I flew out. On my return, a…
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"Greatest Place on Earth!"

We recently returned from our second trip to Angama, and somehow, this was even better than the first! Having worked in the service industry ourselves for many years, my wife and I have a deep appreciation for the amount of effort that goes in to making such a complicated experience seem absolutely effortless, and the Angama staff does it all with a beaming Kenyan smile. From the moment we arrived, we truly felt like family. Every step of the way, the team at Angama anticipates your need before you even know it and will bend over backwards to make sure your experience is special...

tpittkin - February 2020

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