Tyler Davis & Tammy Porter, Author at Angama

Tyler Davis & Tammy Porter

Tyler - as on-property regional director, guide and birding fundi, Tyler is one half of the regional director couple that leads the team at Angama Mara. Being the birding extraordinaire that he is, he has been known to let his attention wander during meetings. The trick to keep him focused is to place him with no direct view of anything feathered. Tyler ensures that we are a grounded and well-rounded team. He also sometimes forgets to take his binoculars off at dinnertime. Tammy - a wonderful member of the Angama Reservations Team prides herself in creating memorable journeys for our guests to Angama and further into East Africa. Tammy spent 2 years living on Zanzibar, giving her a fantastic insight into what this lovely island has to offer.